Legendary Ramp Walk đź’€

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  1. "We will continue to fight for a Labour Party that respects the views of its members and affiliates."

  2. It sounded like he'd just spotted lobster tails at a buffet, not a stun grenade landing at his feet.

  3. My work Z book is the same. Took me ages to work out why my camera wasn't working when I first got it.

  4. I was issuing new HP Zbooks to staff a couple of months ago and had to explain the feature while I was setting up their MFA due to complaints of cameras not working.

  5. Middle Eastern Wastes, East African Chinese Territories....

  6. Reminds me of building 'trenches' when I was a kid in the 70's.

  7. Quite a few motors have the air intakes down by the fog lights.

  8. "The way is shut. It was made by those who are Dead, and the Dead keep it, until the time co.....

  9. When you've got to pee, you've got to pee. (On a long road trip in the UK you'll generally pass a few blokes pissing on their back tyres in a lay-by....or about 40 of them in one go, if it's a football bus.)

  10. Pretty much the only country in the world that does is America. It's super weird.

  11. Europeans aren't fussy about wearing shoes in the house.

  12. Channel 4's Come Dine With Me has got a bit edgy, eh?

  13. The 'donk' sounds like a bowling ball hitting the lane.

  14. That's an open smoke box, the boiler is behind that.

  15. "Do I have to go shopping dad? Why can't I just stay in and play on my Xbox?"

  16. They'll blame the slinger since he's probably one of the dead.

  17. That depends. I’ve worked in a place like this and people like this tend to keep coming back because they got away with it once. I once had a woman try to throw a milkshake in my face because we’d given her an inch too many times before. After I told her off finally, she stopped showing up if I was working and could see my through the window

  18. Yeah, we have no context to tell if it was a one off.

  19. It doesn’t matter if this was the first time or not though. People like this tend to keep pushing if you give them an inch. I totally understand why an employee or company wouldn’t want to give them that inch from the beginning

  20. Nobody really comes out of this covered in glory. Broken glass maybe, but not glory. The guy that got hit, seems like he has learning disabilities, to be polite about it. The guy that threw the glass- aye it was funny because it went 'dink' and bounced off his held, but this could easily have been a proper glassing, and major bloodshed.

  21. It should just touch the floor when you are kneeling down.

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