1. You were fine until that edit. Could you remove that please?

  2. I was about to remove this, but I see you're working on it.

  3. I keep saying this, but it is so fitting: You cannot make this stuff up. Preaching professional wrestlers, addicted drug counselors, the Governor, unsolicited dick-pic-sending former NFL quarterback, the head of MDHS, and some private school directors...I feel like I've forgotten someone.

  4. Our cast for this shitshow seem straight out of a John Waters movie, the meth-addicted evangelical drug counselor getting TANF to go to rehab in Malibu, in particular.

  5. Your last paragraph is why I cannot fully laugh at this situation. Makes me so sad and angry!

  6. When I read this comment earlier, I was in a hurry and misread it.

  7. Nope. Re-read your comment. Then, read what I said about it.

  8. Yep, PBS. The home of Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street is too liberal for you?

  9. Interestingly enough, there was this one time Mississippi banned Sesame Street...

  10. Oh. Okay. And I see you flagged my comment. You can take the L on this one for being obtuse.

  11. The rules say nothing about snide comments and is very vague about what a personal attack is although the list I saw didn't say anything about personal attacks.

  12. If you read the rules, it clearly states that mods decide what is or is not appropriate on this sub. Personal attacks in the form of namecalling or snide remarks - Thomas and I remove them.

  13. Well, look at this... Read the rules. Do not attack others even if they attack you first. Report the comment.

  14. Do not call names in this sub. Read the rules. Edit your comment if you like. Let me know if you do, and I can restore your comment.

  15. Honestly, it really depends on where you are and who you are. The answers will be purely annedocal.

  16. Do not personally attack others on this sub. Read the rules.

  17. Yup. Nancy New, her son, Phil Bryant, and the Penis Pic quarterback. ALL of them. The treasurer too from last term.

  18. It would be interesting to see Lynn Fitch's name come up...

  19. Look I put the link in the post. I didn't know it wouldn't show they title or link. Anyway, posting this way people are more likely to click read article instead of just reading the title and making assumptions.

  20. Go to "About" at the top of the sub. Then, read rule #4. It plainly states to use the article title. And, you just described click bait to me....

  21. Rumor has it that Tater crawled up out of the volcano sometime in the 70s.

  22. Do not personally attack other users no matter how much you disagree with what they say.

  23. We could be electing people who work to make Mississippi better. But, nah. We have to elect panderers.

  24. Definitely not, which is EXACTLY what is going on here.

  25. We had a smallish alligator in the lake at my parents' cabin for a few years. It disappeared three or four snows ago. I hope it moved on to the river. It was fun to watch, though.

  26. This most certainly did not get you permanently banned. You decided to send rude messages to the other mod.

  27. So you didn’t see the second to last sentence in which he says, “OP may mean well, but go fuck yourself for this post…?”

  28. Do not personally attack others. If you want to remove the personal attack, do so. Let me know. I can restore your comment.

  29. It's mainstream media, how long did they condem Kyle Rittenhouse for defending himself while praising the violent criminals that attacked him? or that suv that magically drove itself through a crowd of people and no one would report on the driver because he was black and hated white people? Chicago is about to remove bail for violent crime. . . Is that supposed to make people more safe? It's the result of all this ridiculous race/fearmongering that self defense is becoming criminalized while violent criminals are caught and released because of perceived racial injustice. How does any of that make violent crime less acceptable?

  30. I get you, but again, some of that stuff you mention is geared to manipulate people. I have yet to be attacked today - and I have to show up at two different churches. If I listened to some "news," I should feel very unsafe, and I don't.

  31. It's the equivalent of burying your head in the sand, I bet jews in Germany felt the same way right before they were no longer deemed acceptable, it's happening In China right now. That gas station attendant thought just like you do and look at him now. It's your right to feel that way but it's an illusion of safety that isn't real. Truth is this could happen to any one of us at any time and wouldn't you want your death to mean something to someone wanting to change the violence instead of someone shrugging and saying, well I didn't know them so it doesn't effect me. Like I said it doesn't happen to you untill it does.

  32. I am good, man. You be careful and take care of yourself.

  33. Cute personal attack. You don't quite have that kind of say-so here.

  34. You can come at me with "proof" you think you are correct all day long. And, you can also earn your third ban from this sub. Move on.

  35. Honestly - better name recognition. Tater was already lieutenant governor. He is also a big Trump supporter.

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