1. I’m not convinced that you actually do in fact love apples.

  2. I usually do flower to forget about pain. I do edibles to really relax the body. I also like topicals for localized pain relief. I have hardware in my elbow and a medicated cream around the area really helps, especially when golfing. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the patches but have not seen them at my local dispo. I’ve tried a few topical creams, the Standard Wellness Salve is the only one I’ve tried that doesn’t smell like Bengay!!

  3. Please tell me more about these salves, I’ve been interested in them but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. How many times do you apply and how long to provide relief. Any euphoric feelings?

  4. BR, Klutch, Ancient Roots, those are the 3 I usually lean towards. Some Firelands here and there.

  5. The 2 pumpkins and for the 3rd any from Galar?

  6. 3 is already a stretch, so I don’t wanna do both punkins

  7. I understand. Can we do then Ambipom / Gorebyss / Smoochoom?

  8. Smoochum is pogo event (has a bow) not home compatible unfortunately

  9. I mostly have community day shinies let me get in and a get a list

  10. Yes but can we post final agreement here just so we comply with the rules

  11. I’ll do beldum in go for Turtwig in go

  12. There is an old Tom Sawyer quote about Cincinnati, but I think it really applies to all of ohio. Something among the lines of: “when the world ends I’m moving to Cincinnati ohio because they’re always 10years behind everyone else”

  13. Pretty sure I have a regular non shiny genesect from pogo you can just have lol

  14. I picked up the ultra sour chem OG luster pod and it’s great imo.

  15. Could someone post this tweet again on the sub? I don’t think the 27 other same post is doing it.

  16. I thought lemon slush had more flavor personally but they’re both great

  17. I like one of each, can DM my shiny collection but I’ve also recently posted them in this subreddit

  18. Okay, I’ll message you when I’m home from work and we will go from there!

  19. I have a phanpy in PoGo, I’m into the Grotle.

  20. No worries!! I wanted Turtwig more anyways haha!

  21. Legit shiny aloan raichu?? I have a Shinx and a weavile

  22. No I totally am! Sorry, family came over and I got distracted

  23. Sounds like your co worker needs some seasoning on his chicken.

  24. What are you proposing is the reason that your boss is giving him preferential treatment?

  25. I’d guess it’s due to the amount of time he’s been employed with the company. I’m not even really mad at said co worker to be honest, I have my own thoughts and opinions of/about him sure, but those were developed over a year ago before he became above the rules for everyone else. My thoughts are health issues or not, if he can take a week off just because of the temperature then it really shouldn’t be an issue at all if I come in an hour late with a doctors note for taking my kids to the doc. I’m reprimanded and lectured (even though I’ve given and always have given plenty of notice before said appointments-I have a newborn)

  26. Titles sometimes mean very little. But his work can be done remotely, but yours cant?

  27. He’s not working from home. He’s sitting there watching tv. His wife works here and he called to bitch that the cable went out. I thought it was hilarious.

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