1. The only difference between this and anything else is usually someone has to have to money to bail themselves vs another source.

  2. You're either safe to be let go and come back later or you're not. Simple as that.

  3. A fenced backyard is treated differently than an open yard that is otherwise private property. What type of fence are we talking about?

  4. Once again a judge let's a violent criminal that is danger to everyone back on the street.

  5. It only took a high-speed pursuit where deputies were shot at, a foot pursuit and “massive search” to catch this armed criminal the first time.

  6. You know something tells me this is intentional

  7. The part conveniently left out is that the two SWAT officers were off duty and not wearing any uniforms when they went to the building.

  8. For anyone interested, a whole bunch of the reports, video, audio, transcribed statements, photos of the knives, diagrams, etc has been publicly posted and reviewable for years.

  9. Was this near or at the post office? I drove by and there was a ton of police parked on 145th in front of the P.O? It’s getting hairy carry out here, yo!

  10. He’s referring to the MardiGras riots and the murder of Kris Kime.

  11. I think SPD should call in more cops to just stand around. Good use of money, folks.

  12. Fortunately, more and more people in Seattle do. That’s a good thing.

  13. Hassan is severely mentally ill compounded by meth and fentanyl use. He needs a priority spot at Western State. The felony charges will get him there.

  14. Maybe we can also pay him $250/day until he gets his spot, like that other guy. smh

  15. How many families have a support person for mental health and a grant officer to pay for applications and supplies and rv servicing? How many have 24/7 security? Services cost money and better here than greenlake.

  16. It’s on the police to fix themselves. If accountability makes someone boo-boo lipped it’s not someone we want serving. The conservative mindset of being butt hurt at accountability to where you hold a city hostage by not doing your job is typical and fucked up.

  17. Amusing when idiots see workforce decrease and workload increase and come to the conclusion the work not being completed is a temper tantrum.

  18. People say all cops are bastards because all too often, when “bad apples” do fucked up shit, the “good cops” at best stay speak up and are ostracized and retaliated against, or they say nothing and implicitly allow it to continue.

  19. If your coworker was a super asshole who treated customers like shit, yet you were constantly mistaken for that shitty coworker, you’d totally cover for them, right?

  20. A place to let alcoholics drink themselves to death, like hospice for addicts

  21. 1811 Eastlake Ave is one such place run by DESC. It’s easy to spot from I-5 southbound, just prior to the convention center because the ever present flashing lights of a fire engine out front…

  22. Because he needs to make sure he gets all that information correctly- there’s a ton of camera footage and it can be problematic going through all of it just to find the part getting the name, phone number, and date of birth etc. Not to mention audio might cut out, etc. If someone asks "hey who did you talk to?" he can't stop and go through video to give a name.

  23. This is a great example of the challenges police face when responding to events.

  24. Hopefully the justice system uses the already established gun laws to charge/convict this dangerous, violent criminal who used a stolen gun during the commission of a robbery.

  25. Is anyone surprised anymore that a person with multiple felony convictions was driving/riding a vehicle without license plates (probably stolen), fled from police, and had a gun (probably stolen) drugs and a warrant?

  26. If anyone sees this Jeep, please call the police. A DM would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!

  27. Right. The “investigator” was talking to business owners with CHAZ to come to the conclusion there were zero incidents of extortion or ID checking, and the info gathered from the hot dog vendor was included in her report.

  28. Feds almost never wear body cameras and often won't work with local PDs unless their cameras are off. This isn't an SPD cause issue.

  29. https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-06-07/justice-department-orders-federal-agents-and-officers-to-wear-body-cameras-on-the-street

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