1. Making comments like this is a spam dunk ban from the mod queue without the context or inference of sarcasm.

  2. Considering how he's taking his grift from the streets of Islington to Irans press tv alongside his old mucker Chris Williamson, or maybe his friend Shadia Edwards Dashti at stop the war can put in a good word for him at her old employers RT.

  3. USA has problems with all those as well. Interesting to see what the approach to the 2026 world cup will be.

  4. Making out that the two are equivalent is risible.

  5. Even in this acronym the largest non white ethnicity in a country is placed second. Why do we try to copy US?

  6. Because "abme" sounds like a fitness pyramid scheme and/or knockoff of a company dedicated to mail order for angry wolves coyotes seeking road runners.

  7. Was Boris really a poundland Trump? The comparisons have been made a lot over the last 4 years and I always felt they were pretty off base. Like, Boris was bad, made mistakes, u-turned, arrogantly whacked it all around and didn't listen to criticism etc. But either personally, ideologically, politically, or as a leader... they are very notably different (as much as any political figurehead can be) It feels like cheap hyperbole, like comparing anyone to Hitler.

  8. The person you should be drawing a Trump comparison to is Corbyn.

  9. To be fair, that's a list of nine bullet points, and at least six are perfectly applicable to Boris too (1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9) and there's an argument for parts of 4 (denial of reality), 5 (use of undermining to excuse failure) and 8 (not so much apologism but Boris definitely has Russian ties) being applicable too.

  10. Great. Never said Boris didn't also deserve criticism. I'm saying Corbyn does as well. No one gets a free pass.

  11. Everyone on the far left seems to criticisise starmer for not doing the exact same things corbyn did.

  12. I know theres rather a lot in this vein at present, do you have a specific point of friction?

  13. I'm very much a Europhile, but I don't want the ex-wife's family coming over from Turkey.

  14. Spoken like a man with tolerable in laws.

  15. I can only assume you mean "gilded" which is the sense of being covered with gold, rather than "guilded" which is the sense of being a member of a guild.

  16. Ah, I understand my removal, that of the BBC article?

  17. Only showing one sky news article from you thats been removed.

  18. This is Nadhim Zahawi erasure and I'm here for it.

  19. Zahawis tenure, like Truss', is going to be remembered as an obscure historical footnote used to tie break pub/tv/online quizzes, much like Where is the largest airship hangar in britain?

  20. Don't leave us hanging like that

  21. The former RAF / RAE Cardington in Bedfordshire.

  22. https://twitter.com/PaulBrandITV/status/1595719259048525825?t=CUjH7D4evBTgQCgE9KJ1Ug&s=19

  23. Come cheer up, my lads, tis to glory we steer

  24. Out of interest, what's the longest you've gone without mentioning Corbyn?

  25. No idea and no idea, and no, I don't keep stats.

  26. Fucking hell was he actually still in the party to this point? Of the #JC9Yes9 fame?

  27. Apparently hes been suspended since mid 2019 - if anything a further damning indictment that even fucking Momentum divorced themselves from him in 2018 but the party proper did fuck all until a year later.

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