1. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them. I never order single slings that small anymore though from anywhere. Just never know if they’re going to survive.

  2. So is it because of the smaller slings?

  3. I play in the 70s and try to play realistically to the time so one monthly event as a "Live Event" in the place of TV and then one annual a month as the supercard until i'm big enough to get weekly TV.

  4. Not appropriate as a Dad joke. As a dark humour joke yes, but not a Dad joke

  5. If Rimworld ever comes out on mobile, I'll never work another day in my life.

  6. I mean that happens when you go into the editor and start yourself off with an absurdly large amount of money tho.

  7. Honestly, I used to be rather gregarious and would go out often. Working retail for 7 years was what gave me social anxiety.

  8. The main technological advance that made shows like COPS possible was battery technology. The ability to put enough batteries into a bag to power the recording equipment all day long is something that simply did not exist in the 1960s.

  9. Thank you, but why was there nothing like ADAM-12 in the COPS era though? Closest thing I could find was Brooklyn nine-nine and that's more of a comedy than a police procedural. I was actually looking for something modern like it to watch.

  10. Like Law & Order? CSI? NCIS? The police procedural never went away.

  11. Those are more like detective shows like Dragnet, I'm talking about realistic police procedurals like Adam-12 where it's just the police. They even had an episode where Reed was irritated that they couldn't do all the cool investigation stuff that the detectives did but then he found out his job was just as cool at the end.

  12. If smoking gives you bad bad anxiety it is for a reason, listen to your body and mind and just accept it I guess? I had the same problem and now I am not smoking anymore since 5 years.

  13. Yeah I agree for the most part. I'm going on one year now. Just miss the fun of buying pieces and smoking with friends and coworkers. Nothing like taking a hit off one of those double bubble glass bongs.

  14. Same thing happened to me I can no longer smoke weed and I still have the anxiety thing just not as intense as it used to be it was really bad are you able to trip anymore?

  15. I haven't even attempted tripping again since then. I figure if I can't even consume cannabis anymore, I doubt I could handle an actual trip.

  16. How'd you take so little damage from that? I take the turn too tightly twice and take 80% damage.

  17. When you have to host Family Feud at 8 but just dropped 2 acid tabs at 7.

  18. Yeah dude I found out the bulk of what I thought was IBS was extreme GERD and yeah while I am apart of

  19. I could be wrong but i dont think they think pretty sure they rely completely on instinct

  20. I mean consciousness is a bit more complex than to say something just "doesn't think". I mean there is enough variation from specimen to specimen to say that they have some sort of "personality" so to speak. Hence why it's hard to generalize all pokies as fast and defensive when many have specimens that aren't that way.

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