1. Yes! In fact, it happened twice under the Sasanians. The first time was under Shapur I c. 260 and was literally called Wēh Antiōk Šāpūr - the better Antioch of Shapur. This one was in Khuzestan, in the southwest corner of modern Iran, and was a pretty major city, serving as an administrative center for the region and an occasional residence of the royal court. It's called Beth Lapat in the in Syriac sources, and was apparently the place where the prophet Mani, founder of Manichaeism, was executed. In the Muslim period, the city became famous as a center of learning, especially medicine, although this is out of my expertise. We certainly know it existed, as archaeologists found its remains.

  2. That's hilarious, those poor Antiochians. Thanks for explaining why they got picked on twice. Your answer seems to say that this didn't just happen to Antioch though. Are there any other ancient cities established as 'new & better-villes' that you can name, please?

  3. I like Pandorea jasminoides, although it's not deciduous. Comes in pink or white flowers, pretty tough once it is established.

  4. Over time it will drop some leaves as it 'figures out' where to grow on response to the available light. This is normal for a plant taken into a new position. Let it reabsorb nutrients from the leaves it doesn't need and trim them off when they look completely brown.

  5. That's a syngonium plant I think. In the wild they grow on the surface of trees. I grow those - they are quite tolerant of dry soil. You should wait until the soil looks and feels dry before giving it a good drink. They are very tough, but more prone to root rot than dying of thirst.

  6. It's great. I love looking out my window and counting purple trees on the hillside. Poinciana season is great too - not least cause it lines up with summer holidays!

  7. Thinking of the paths available to you early in the game, you can either push towards the castle or explore hirata estate. No matter where you go, you eventually meet a boss who can't be killed until the player starts to understand posture and deflection. Lady butterfly is one of those - so yes, she's a brick wall. She's wolf's teacher after all! But she's also where the combat system 'clicks' and becomes thrilling for many people! Don't give up! I suggest this is a good time to check out a combat fundamentals guide for sekiro, as the tutorials in game are not great. I can recommend one that helped me beat her, if you like?

  8. whoops! sorry for late reply, I haven't been logged on ... check out Katiecakes on youtube, her 'ultimate guide to combat fundamentals' is excellent. she does use a variety of game footage to illustrate her point, so spoilers are possible. you could try listening to it first, instead of watching all the way through, if that's an issue.

  9. it could be a wisteria, it could be a grape vine. it could even be a tree, grown espalier style. you won't know for certain until spring.

  10. It is never mentioned how Kuro got his ability,but it seems probable that he was born with it,as Owl assigned Wolf as a sworn bodyguard for him. And Owl wanted the blood of the Dragon.

  11. It is very strange that the immortal heir died, even without tomoe getting the mortal blade. Did tomoe afflict takeru with dragon rot by accident? Did someone else? What did tomoe die of, in the end? Mysterious!

  12. I think Tomoe afflicted him with Dragon rot. Who else could? If Takeru died,Tomoe would stop being immortal and would age and die as any other creature.

  13. I suppose it's meant to be ambiguous, in the end. Tomoe inflicting dragon rot on Takeru is a very sad thought - definitely in the spirit of the game.

  14. hey, did you mean purple tulips? I can't bring you all of those, but I can bring you the following for free: orange cosmos, yellow lily, pink tulip, white lily.

  15. Hi there, I have some you're welcome to for free. How many do you need? :)

  16. Oh thanks, that's kind of you. I don't need many at all, so I'll leave that up to you. When would you like to visit?

  17. I can be up and ready tp travel in about 10 to 15 minutes if that works for you.

  18. thanks! I'll send you a dodo code privately. appreciate the help!

  19. Sorry - but as you probably guessed, I went to sleep for the night before I saw this. She's gone into the void.

  20. You can easily grow herbs like parsley, basil, and chives indoors if they're close to a window. They won't fry inside. Chilli peppers too! Here is a heat map for Australia, and the diggers club include heat map info with the seeds they sell. Even if you don't want to buy from them, the same info holds true across similar plants. Perhaps you'd like to try something that doesn't grow in cold climates, like capsicum?

  21. Righto, that rules me out. I won't be home for 6 hours at least. Well, have fun!

  22. 2 more hours! Online play doesn't work while you've time travelled, and I can't do anything else to accelerate this mf finally removing his stuff from my island

  23. well, if you're awake in 2 hours, you can come on over. (i didn't know time travel worked like that).

  24. Still have them? I'll take them off of you for 5 nmt

  25. Yes, I haven't put her in boxes yet. I just couldn't post without the flair. I can use amiibo to put her in boxes on demand.

  26. Oh, I would if I could. But I was randomly afflicted with Al just a day ago.

  27. I'm in the southern hemisphere! Literally, so our timezones are probably pretty different. UTC/GMT+10 hours. I usually play evenings.

  28. I don't blame you, he is kinda funky looking. Still, I guess I asked for a jock so I shouldn't get nitpicky. Send me a message and we can talk details.

  29. Thanks for the response, I'm at work and I assume he'll be gone when I'm available in 5 hours.

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