1. I just wonder if whoever wins the Women’s one will hold it longer than a day this time.

  2. In a perfect world where Liv wins and cashes in on Rhea at SummerSlam, that would be necessary

  3. I think the cora shipped sailed as the savior. I think her and Rox C win the tag titles.

  4. I'd be okay with that, only problem is who beats Mandy then? Because those two feel like the most likely choices

  5. I'm both ready and so not ready for a world where Lash is world champion

  6. I'm one of those '12 twelves. You know there was pain before, but I don't see a lot of it. That must have hurt.

  7. I love how Seahawks fans started watching in 85, 05 or 12 but never in between those years. For the longest time it made me think the Hawks were a 90s expansion team

  8. And I can’t believe he started celebrating at the 45 yard line with Hasselback in front of him and the receiver right behind him

  9. He knew he was going to score, just like Hasselback, but for the right team

  10. For all we know he texted his grandmother that and tried to play cool like he has TK’s number.

  11. Yeah this is a joke you make to someone over TEW, to say you told a promoter this, regardless of who that is, is plain stupid

  12. That is amazing and I would absolutely seek out that match. Kevin's proven he can pull off the absurd.

  13. To add to the absurdity, whoever wins does so by twisting the arm of his opponent like in elementary

  14. I'm confused guys, why would Jericho throw a fireball at me?

  15. Bianca.. Riddle.. Rhea..Street Profits..Priest are a good last batch of call-ups from black and gold era NXT.

  16. I mean there were hardly any others after Priest/Rhea. Toni and Tegan are out (albeit I think Toni would have done well for herself in the end but it's understandable), Aliyah is doing well given where she was on NXT, Xia hasn't been on TV enough to judge and the only one that we can say is having a hard time now is Shotzi who's essentially the lowest of the food chain on SD

  17. WWE don't have the rights to "Bullet Club" for a start and Judgement Day have individually and collectively kicked their arses for months now.

  18. You could quibble over technicalities of the ABSOLUTE stupidest, but I’m giving Booker the thumbs up on this one. A real smorgasbord of headassery from Joey and GCW there.

  19. That’s great and all but she needs to be doing more in the ring. If she’s not that great with promos then They need to do what they can to play to her strong points.

  20. I blame the face paint, half face looked soooo much better

  21. That is most likely their smallest problem in this situation.

  22. Is this real? If so holy shit this might be the dumbest career suicide I've seen

  23. It is time for me to reiterate my annual comment which is that the Blades should sign Gustavo Hamer from Coventry.

  24. This but with Max Power. It's a name I'd love to touch

  25. I think Liv has benefitted the most from this storyline and feud. It’s really elevated her.

  26. I agree, but also she should just kick Rhea's ass weekly

  27. That's what the MITB cash in (and subsequent title defense afterwards) are for

  28. The fact Alexa didn't use Lily to bonk Nikki in this sequence irritates me

  29. I really hope this group gets Mean Street Posse'd and loses to everyone

  30. Whats the over/under for how long it takes before there something negative mentioned about Sasha and Naomi situation ?

  31. Like 1-7 IIRC, and Burrow played well his rookie year against them. Will definitely be interesting when they don't have Super Sayan Baker Mayfield to destroy the Bengals.

  32. 1-6, Baker sat out week 18 which would have been the 8th game

  33. fair enough. still sucks. That game where baker went 21-22 to end the game hurt my soul and convinced me Anaroumo needed to be fired.

  34. That one incompletion was a spike too so 21-21 in actual passes. Dude was not going to be denied

  35. 4-0 vs 3-32 if we're doing solely when the bad man was in the division

  36. Tbf Brady is a demon pretty much everyone but Eli Manning has to exorcise still

  37. I'd argue the Saints got that covered. Beat Tampa Tom more than you beat Boston Tom

  38. He's gonna be playing in Europe not too far from now.

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