1. Honestly, what helped me was the huckleberry app. I struggled for the first 3 months of my baby’s life. Over tired, over stimulating, under tired, I was exhausted. Huckleberry pretty much told me when the best time my baby should nap and how long wake windows should be. I did have to pay a years worth but to keep me sane I was all about it. There are other apps out there that can help determine baby’s wake windows but I just found huckleberry the best. It also adjusts as your baby grows. I am a firm believer of wake windows, but again… what works for me could also not work for others.

  2. Yup my wife and I used huckleberry from the get-go and it was a key part of our sanity (figuring out wake windows, how much she drank, it even helped us figure out what she was allergic to cause we kept a log of what we were starting to feed her).

  3. Depends how long you think it would take to actually build a functional app that handles what you need it to do.

  4. I told my wife to quit her job and raise our baby. She ended up getting a stay at home job and is on track to make much more than me

  5. Is she watching your baby full time and working a job? How is she finding it? Any tips?

  6. Both Northshore and Lake Washington schools offer incredible academics and have multiple schools and program specialties. Not as sure about Shoreline (Montlake Terrace) and Alderwood Manor might be in the Everett SD which is not as good.

  7. That's what my wife read too. Thinking we'll definitely try to stay within the Northshore or Lake Washington district

  8. Bothell is really cute. Kirkland is too expensive for what you get. Alderwood Manor is Lynwood and gross.

  9. Lol which part of Bothell is cute though? Downtown?

  10. I just bought an A7C and paired it with a Tamron 35mm (also for taking pictures of my wife and 7mo daughter)

  11. I feel like the Sigma and Sony compact primes were better designed for the a7c with the built in aperture rings. Optically they're all great though.

  12. I'll check those out! I'm getting into photography and stuff so I'm still learning! (Upgraded from an A6000 I've had for a long time) thanks for the suggestion!

  13. I got mine through Mossy VW Escondido. Very responsive and decent to work with. If you pre-ordered they won't markup, but if you're buying off the lot they'll definitely have some markup.

  14. 29, turning 30 this year, have a 3.5 month old daughter with my wife whom I've been with for around 6 years now. I'm a software developer at an agency at the moment. 3 years ago I worked in marketing and decided to take the dive into programming. Thank God I did too haha.

  15. It's an issue of scope since your json_event is declared within your function and you're calling console.log outside of it. If there's no specific reason why your console.log is outside, you could move it right after json_event is declared anyways.

  16. I built a Shopify app that minifies assets in a Shopify theme after work-hours and that's been published for just a little under a year right now.

  17. My wife's supply never developed, so we supplemented with formula and then eventually completely switched to formula at around 3 months old, and I have to say it was the best thing for us.

  18. Huge +1 on this. Being able to fully help and let my wife rest has done wonders for both of us. We had to supplement when our daughter lost more weight than she should've at her first checkup, but now she's tracking perfectly. We decided to keep going with formula for several reasons. The biggest ones were that I get more time with my daughter and my wife gets longer chunks of sleep since we can alternate if needed. We still feed her breast milk (wife pumps) but since it's all from a bottle, I'm able to take her at night when she needs rest (since she's the kind of sleeper who needs one long sleep, whereas I'm comfortable bouncing in and out of sleep).

  19. I'm confused by the multiple departure times. What does this accomplish?

  20. I think it's to set the charger to charge before the departure times. It needs multiple because the charging cuts off after like an hour or so? This was like a mini-hack to make scheduled charging work but I don't think it works for everybody (it's a known bug by VW).

  21. Remap esc to jj Remap leader to space bar

  22. mapping Leader to space bar has given me a LOT more flexibility with commands.

  23. Which dongle are you using? The dongles I used didn't allow me to plug in my external hard drive unless I had power unfortunately.

  24. Hahaha you got the pond part right, but unfortunately I just use the parking lot. I love the vision though

  25. My wife and I regularly drive to a scenic Vista point near our house and just read a book with the windows open (or the ac on if it's hot) and it's great! Bring a beverage or snack and it's perfect.

  26. Hope they fixed scheduled charging (that's a huge one)

  27. Contacted by internal recruiter, one week for a take-home, tech, architecture, and culture fit interviews scheduled beginning of the week after, offer by the end of the week. 15% raise and much better career progression :) fully remote as well with great benefits.

  28. Which bootcamp did you attend for $8K CAD if you don't mind me asking?

  29. It was CodeCore in Vancouver, BC. I don't know how good they are now as I've heard some iffy stuff about them, but back when I did it 2.5 years ago, it was decent.

  30. Nah I'm with SDGE, I pay .09 cents a kWh on their TOU plan but it's a PITA because ID.4's scheduled charging is still bugged! I'm a late sleeper so it's been okay but sometimes I just wanna plug and forget it you know? So hopefully they fix it. (Dealers and VW Customer Care already has a case opened for me with some other issues I've had so I'm hoping it'll all work out well).

  31. We still need to get a home charger. lol There’s EA charger downtown and we go there to hang out and charge it’s less than 5 min from our house. It’s actually nice to get us out. Though not great now with 100+ temperature.

  32. Rofl part of why we went was because it was hot in the house and we didn't wanna turn on the aircon LOL. So we ended up just chilling in the spot for 30 mins (charged him 21% - 80%) and hung out in the car with the AC running :D

  33. How do you feel about moonstone in person? I see a lot of white fe’s near me but I’m not that into white.

  34. I've personally got the blue FE but I was just on a trip where I saw a Pro S Moonstone and honestly, I think I would've gotten that if it was available for the First Editions. It's really nice in person!

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