1. I went through all the comments, and I read that the lot are not happy. But I am pretty optimistic about this merger, two expertise working together. Hopefully, they will revolutionize the subscription boxes game. More choices for us, more options with brands & sizes of products etc.. I always felt like their beauty bag was a bad idea, atleast for the environment..I understand the excitement, but how many of you can not do without these bags? All the bags eventually go to landfills. You can find one nice & bigger makeup bag for $5 at Walmart and what-not, i saw many 100% cotton cute bags on temu for $0.65 cents, with discounts they might end up costing like a $0.25

  2. This is worded so weird for my brain. If boxycharm is coming under Ipsy didn't Ipsy just buy them out?

  3. That’s what I was thinking. Especially after seeing many comments from people canceling their Boxycharm subscriptions to switch to Ipsy

  4. I like AIA on some months. They spoil the brand and items and if it's a brand you want to try, it's a great deal.

  5. Thanks, it looks like they have many great options when I checked out their past boxes and drop shop. I’ve seen you commenting in some of the other forums. Would you happen to know anything about Beachly or Therabox?

  6. Sorry I didn’t see your reply. I see what you mean. Yes beachly is nice. However a lot of the items I already have, and clutter can happen quickly when you already have similar items

  7. i accidentally signed up for two base subs for feb (meant for my 2nd to just be for gbp to make up for the one that was being replaced w/ X)… so anyway! grown alchemist for one, tonymoly in the other!

  8. Are both lists for your base subs showing the same choices? Trying to determine if there will be more options than these private label and indie brands

  9. Wow I do not like the direction this is going..

  10. Tell me about it. Bad enough the glam bag plus choices have been horrible. On top of that, they messed the December glam bag. Haven’t gotten mine yet, and after asking for an update on the tracking they said the whole bag is subject to change.

  11. Anyone figure it out yet? I’m also seeing it, but not able to see what’s there

  12. They've been rolling out a site update over the past few weeks - the search function is gone, and so is accessing items from your order history. They also got rid of the work-around to avoid the handling fee for some shopper orders. The new perk is that (presuming it works right) all their shops combine into one cart, so you can check out with shopper and sale items at the same time and only pay the handling fee once for those orders.

  13. Thanks for the reply! Interesting, let’s see how it works out. Would be nice if they could bring in some more items in lieu of all the changes. Give the people more options to choose from. Items that aren’t expired too 😅

  14. It’s been okay. For what you’re paying, the quality should be a little more consistent. I’ll have a good bag either every other month, or every other two months. Just very inconsistent with plenty of cheap filler products.

  15. Not sure, though I would make sure it’s actually Ipsy before clinking on that link

  16. Ugh I got those refreshments wipes last month as an Oops gift from Ipsy for sending me 3 incorrect items out 5. They are not the worst wipes I ever used but they are darn close.

  17. Heard they make great surface cleaning wipes. Perfect for a bathroom sink/vanity table

  18. Glad I redeemed for a yensa lipstick before they changed 😅

  19. I had done the same, and my fingers are crossed they include it in one of my upcoming bags 😬

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  21. My September GB seems a bit underwhelming. Over several months I have changed my personality quiz many times and no matter what, it’s been this way for a while now. At least the September bag has been one of my better packages, so maybe I should just be happy. Any thoughts? 😂

  22. I’ve heard many great things about YTTP, so it was a nice surprise when they offered the cream in choice 😊🤞🏼

  23. Apologies if it sounds like I’m rambling here. I’m loving these bags and would like to resubscribe GBP just for the October bag and with the intention of canceling afterward. I’m sure this has been asked before, but if I resubscribe before the 30th, would I actually receive the October bag?

  24. Exact feel and holographic sheen of the 90s era Barbie mermaid tail. 🧜‍♀️

  25. e925 says:

    Here are some old bags

  26. Well they didn't use to give bars of soap as a product in your bag. I get the glam bag plus too and it has gotten worse. There definitely has been less makeup and not as many well named products. I don't get excited about the products any more really. April was the last time I was excited about anything and then when I got my bag I was very disappointed . I didn't get the foundation or the brushes as a choice and I really wanted them. Then the brushes were on sale in a 45 dollar bundle like 2 or 3 months later. I watched a bunch of ppl on reddit get those things but not me . Not even in my reg glam bag. My mom got one though. And yes I had selected tools and brushes as frequently and foundations too. the bags you posted I didn't even recognize so I don't know how long ago they were from. This month my bag is crap too but I gave my friend a free bag and she got good stuff in it. I'm not sure if they just slowly stop giving you really good stuff once you've been getting it for 6 months or so. That's what it seems like to me.

  27. Those old bags look glorious compared to the bags I have been getting. Been striking out since I began my subscription. Started both GB and GBP in September 2021. Out of 20 bags, 6 were satisfactory. Majority of which were the regular glam bags. GBP felt like such a rip off, I rarely got brands I recognized. Not even the good quality indie brands. Literally all unrecognizable Alibaba products. It got to a point they kept dishing out the same poor quality, so I had to cancel the GBP after April. There was no point offering me choice it was so bad. After canceling that and pausing May’s GB I got an okay April bag with three satisfactory items. In general though, I’ll be lucky if I even get one or two items that are recognizable. I’ve had the worst luck with Ipsy items. The only thing keeping me are the cute bags and wonderful customer service. It’s too bad they use so many expired/cheap filler products, I think overall they would be much better if they fixed that for everyone

  28. I decided to pick the Kopari because if Ipsy gives me a cleanser and moisturizer (I have them both set to more often), I'd be happy with either the Elf or YTTP but would be less excited for the IT Cosmetics (my pets and night creams don't mix well 😂) or the FEEL Beauty balm. When commenting I also realized I have 4 other cleansing balms I need to use and don't go through them quickly, but will use a moisturizer a lot faster so it's a more logical pick as well!

  29. Good process of elimination! I was thinking similarly and picked the Kopari

  30. Went with Kopari. Fall is beginning and my skin needs help already 😩

  31. I’ve only been with Ipsy for a year and in that time frame they raised their prices twice. Yeah I know part of that is inflation but they’re sample size or fgwp products that I would get for free from ultra or Sephora. That plus the long shipping times because they’re too cheap to switch to a decent carrier and not to mention the crappy outdated, dls, or just flat out unheard of brands. It was such an easy decision to cancel. I switched to Allure because of those issues. Yeah I’m paying more but half the items in the boxes are full sized and it’s all reputable, in-demand brands. Even the GBP contents aren’t great anymore.

  32. Literally about to do the same thing. Ipsy uses too many strange brands for my comfort, no thank you 😆

  33. Oh yeah that's like my sister vs. Me. I get Ipsy's GB and my sister just goes platinum at Ulta instead

  34. Can't wait to hear how the BellaPierre eyeshadow is. It looks nice and I haven't heard them. Your pic makes it look way better too! Glad you got everything. Great bag!

  35. The palette is more pigmented than it looks. I like the pressed powders and wouldn’t mind trying any more colors if they offer any

  36. I ordered this to put in MY easter basket. I haven’t gotten it yet but I’m excited that I can be surprised.

  37. Hey I’m not against women I have a beautiful S.O and two beautiful daughters who Id believe no matter what , I don’t come to Reddit to get my news or opinions I can form my own. I believe that they are both morons and should both be punished for whatever happened but it’s not as simple as he’s a wife beater and she’s an angel , funny though how all his ex’s have not one bad thing to say about him and from all accounts she’s a nasty piece of work.

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