1. Its pictures like this that really peeve me enough to think... maybe we should just have open season on any/all Russians... who would put a child in this position.

  2. Far to many sources are reporting this... something is happening...

  3. I'm not sure I like the machismo angle of this. No doubt Ukrainian soldiers are brave and tough but the big difference is professionalism and training. A professional soldier will beat a brave conscript any day.

  4. Then Russia is totally screwed... the Ukrainians are the only ones fielding professional Soldiers. The new troops coming in are trained for months... unlike the meat the Russians are pulling off the street or from the prisons. Russia lost most of its prime troops at the start.

  5. The power structure war is starting to heat up over Putnuts replacement.

  6. Read the article and you'll see what there is to it.

  7. I would say his chances of remaining in power for the next 3 months... about 50/50.

  8. He noted that after the flight of the Russian army, the Ukrainians built a very serious defensive line on the border with Belarus, designed to hold back the aggressor's re-offensive. This includes minefields. And the General Staff of the Russian Federation plans to clear them with the bodies of its soldiers, Osechkin assures.

  9. Come on Wagner.. get those numbers up... try for 100% casualties :)

  10. The term Holodomor (death by hunger, in Ukrainian) refers to the starvation of millions of Ukrainians in 1932–33 as a result of Soviet policies.The Holodomor can be seen as the culmination of an assault by the Communist Party and Soviet state on the Ukrainian peasantry, who resisted Soviet policies.

  11. I hope the will of the Ukrainians stands up to this... the rest of the world has to start supplying Ukraine with longer ranges weapons to respond.

  12. Its the thought that counts... sometimes that is far more important then money...

  13. We'll know for sure in a few days if it's real or Ukrainian bullshit...

  14. Kinburn Spit/Peninsular. Compared to previous rumours, now a more direct signal that the UAF are involved in some form of opp there according to the Southern Operational Command spokesperson. Interestingly UK MoD map for 21/11 shows it under UAF control.

  15. I hope someone gives them the plans for the Excalibur rounds :)

  16. Actually that's a good question, could you make a 152 mm Excalibur shell?

  17. You can make them for the 155... so I would assume you can make them for almost any large calibre... its the seeker head that's critical... not the calibre... mind you regardless what our wives say... size does matter.

  18. You watch them hold NATO by the balls also... they have to ratify Sweden & Finland also.

  19. Finland, not Denmark my man.

  20. Not the first headline you want to see with your morning coffee...

  21. Pretty much every Russian missile has the capability to stick a nuclear warhead on.

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