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  1. Say, is that a Walthers Mainline NW2? I was considering getting one myself. I love Lehigh Valley.

  2. Conservatives think that drag shows are inherently sexual(they’re not), so when kids see them it’s grooming(it isn’t), and by extension all drag shows are ‘grooming events’(they aren’t), and therefore it’s ok to and even a moral duty to murder queer people in order to ‘defend the children’

  3. It's funny because child beauty pageants are exactly what they claim drag shows to be. Something something projection...

  4. /uj Can I see this post? I can't find it and I'm curious to see because I've seen some iffy stuff on that sub before, though nothing too bad

  5. What does it mean if I relate to all these but I don't have any trauma? Okay, maybe I do have trauma, but like, it wasn't that bad. Or, like, maybe it was bad, but other people have worse trauma. Like a lot worse.

  6. /uj Also do people who complain about the constant peeing actually bother to take it for more than a month? It was an issue for me at first but after a few weeks it went back to how it was before I started taking spiro. The only issue is that it's kinda hard to fully empty my bladder now, but I suspect that's an effect of estrogen, actually. I thought maybe I was just an anomaly for returning to normal, but my doctor said that your body usually gets used to it as mine did...

  7. No, and also have you heard that taking it for more than a year makes you fat? Not just regular fat either, you literally turn into a sphere.

  8. /uj I need to stop reading the fucking spiro doomthreads because of shit like this

  9. They rally against blockers, which have been safely used for years, instead of just letting kids start the correct puberty before they're 16 or 18.

  10. I don't care if trans women have a biological advantage. We need fucking SOMETHING to go our way for once because our lives suck shit otherwise

  11. The Monkey Man? I bet Tweeter can suck a golf ball through a garden hose

  12. So……… I’m not going to say anything as I will get kicked off the sub?!? Well fuck it my birthday so fuck it. So if it is not a medical issue. How do we pay for transitioning. She can afford to pay for surgery! Fucking rich ppl telling the rest of us what we need. If that is the way she feels great that is her journey! Please Abigail stay in your own transition lane. And stop talking about what is going on with my transition and journey!

  13. Oh, it’s a “genocide” now! This is fun! Keep on sucking Kim Il Sung’s rotten, maggot filled cock.

  14. Ten seconds of research tell me that historian Bruce Cumings has likened it to genocide

  15. /uj Trans woman beauty influencer who’s generally disliked for cultural appropriation. She was arrested after spraying police officers with water while walking around a hotel in her underwear during an apparent manic episode. She was reportedly put in a mens’ jail, police have denied it but yk. They’re police.

  16. The terrible crime of mildly annoying cops. During an episode of mental illness, too.

  17. Produced more oil to bring down gas prices? Increased police presence to deter criminals? Killed terrorists in the middle east to protect our national security?

  18. Lmao I always forget that’s my name. Promise it’s just a pun I thought of in 2016 when it was topical

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