Blindfolded Pillow Fight

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  1. So you hear a giant machine revving behind you and hear and feel the tires vibrating the pavement, yet refuse to look back. Bro I wish I could feel this safe. Like nothing is ever going to touch me. I look in the backseat of my car everytime I get in for safety.

  2. The title sounds like something someone who got their brain taken over by this parasite would say. I’m not falling to be a victim!!! /s

  3. If that person lives they’re going to be an incredibly wealthy cripple.

  4. I don't think so. He wasn't laughing maniacally.

  5. Monaco: “haha how’s that punch to the face??? u def got knocked out…. Wai-“

  6. The amount of People who never heard of delta P before is scary. Watching that one random safety videos told me so much.

  7. just to let people know, this gets posted all the time on different subs. it was a movie set.

  8. Danny brown xxx and OutKaste Aliens are crazy. We also have the same cowboy bebop vinyl

  9. The jacket unzip shirt reveal is what gets me everytime, like mates face is just :(:

  10. Bili Bili is also now on steam. I think they’ve released some games onto steam like soda pop and white snow (i those were the names) and they are very good!

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