1. It’s sad when .20 of a gram makes you happy. This program honestly is trash.

  2. They’ve got no problem with brewing your own abuse juice.

  3. I agree. How can a person be allowed to brew a liquid that can cause you to die if consuming to much and/or kill someone out of an unconscious blackout that turns violent quickly? An unaltered seed that is planted and grows with the ability help, soothe and comfort a vast degree of all types of things and people. It grows naturally with these abilities. Alcohol has to be cooked, fermented, sugar, starches and blah blah blah. Fuck that, gimme a big plastic children’s pool and a green house and I’ll drop this little bean in my clay pebbles and watch my magic grow!

  4. Your body is like 80% water. (Correct me if I’m wrong) the best thing to flush your body out is with its natural liquid. Yes it stores in fat cells and metabolites. Drink lots of water and exercise a lot. Sweat help rid toxins and potato slices or onion slices in your socks while in your feet at bed time.

  5. That is so weird. The cops I've dealt with all told me that it's not illegal to be high and if they don't find any drugs in my car then I'm good to go.

  6. The friend was doing 160 mph at 3am and one of the officers was in training. Everything was by the book including the, 'I smell weed.', from the rookie. Friend had been working on the car for two weeks in between sets which was the last time he smoked and was even around cannabis. This was 2019.

  7. There are only two types of people on ANY road in between the times of 12am and 4am. Cops and people who are intoxicated. That is a top five golden rule. And if it’s raining, your odds of being pulled over is much much less than if it were sunny. And any young’ins that sees no problem with cruising around with three or four buddies in your vehicle, guess what, you are one of the biggest red flags ever. Usually that is a recipe for trouble and we will ride behind ya until you get nervous and mess up then the blueberries and cherries light up. Lol

  8. This is correct as well. They will lie like fuck to get you to "permit" them entry. They know that the "I smell weed" trick will maaaaaaaaaaybe hold up in court and what's the harm in trying? It's like asking for extra ranch sauce at Wendy's, the worst they can say is no.

  9. Don't worry about it. Buy him a dry vape as a present (I recommend an AEQ for a desktop, it's what I use and a fantastic value), a nice grinder (can be had for $10 or so from amazon) and a little funnel to get the ground flower into the bowl. Maybe some ddave mods for the AEQ, I got his whole kit and caboodle but it's not really necessary to buy that much. My flower lasts FOREVER. Smell dissipates very quickly since it's not smoke, and the law can't enter without a warrant unless there's a noticeable odor. If it comes down to that then you can delay and record them and it'll be done with in court even if you have a public pretender. Chill and with a vape your son won't use anywhere near his allotment so maybe you can share :)

  10. They still can’t enter for an odor. There has to be a crime being committed and a search warrant signed AND filed by a judge by that county before an office can enter without the owners permission. Ex law enforcement here. Lol even still there has to be an ongoing investigation that has to take place for a certain amount of months. If the house being watched is vacated by the individuals being watched within the time allotted for the investigation, the in must start over at the suspects new address for ex amount of months before any search warrant would take place. Even still, cannabis wasn’t a “top priority” on the list. Lol

  11. Oh and you can smoke it there. They sell cheap ass .7 gram prerolls and half gram prerolls. Dope af!!

  12. Update: I went to a medical dispensary, they were super nice, process was no different than any dispensary here. Cool new selection, I got a panama red cart from bunji bros. P solid

  13. I always go to Tacoma Wellness. They had the original Acapulco Gold and my favorites Ghost OG, Ghost Train Haze, Presidential OG, LA Confidential, Original Cookies. Love that place!! Very good quality and they keep samples in big jars to see but you had to stand behind a ribbon and look. And you were on a five minute time limit. But new patients got a little more time. They checked you in outside and gave you a full ass menu to pick from before you go in. They accept Venom App only last I was there. The 5-10 min time limit was if you wanted to add anything. And it does NOT count towards your Ohio days. I think the limit is 4 ounces every 30 days or something I can’t remember. Lol.

  14. Might be the same batch but I bet the other batch isn’t testing on a nice pair. 🤤🤤🤤

  15. I am proof it has happened. I was dispensed a total of 52 days two cycles ago and 47 days the following cycle.

  16. Edit* They had a differnt pheno in smalls one time, I liked better it was more sativa dom.. as for what they're jaring now, the buds structure wise, I totally see why they pick the other pheno. (But it leans more sleepier effects)

  17. I had it before. Loved the flavor. Kinda like a geen jolly rancher with a little bit of a mint on the release. Worth it in my eye. I believe it was listed as a hybrid but definitely leaned towards saliva more but too much will lock ya down. Lol I’d buy it again

  18. A zip of Galenas blueberry cookies was going for over $400 at FRX in east Liverpool. Lmao, like what? I have never smoked weed worthy enough of that price. When they build in a human hand that pops out of the container and masturbates me to completion then I will buy a zip for over $400. Until then, let this shit sit on the shelves!

  19. Ohio Valley Natural Relief in wintersville.

  20. So let’s say someone has to renew in October and does it via telemedicine. When October 2022 comes and it’s time to renew again, who does the patient go to and what happens to all of the telemedicine companies like NuggMD and companies like that?

  21. FRX is the same way. They sell their tier 2 1/10’s for 50.00 while everyone else but Bloom sells the same product and batch number for 40-46 bucks. It just amazes me.

  22. Love this strain! I’ve had it from other companies but love buckeye relief’s strain best. Hats off to them. Great effects and great for fatigue and depression

  23. Damn I'm not sure I would've corrected them. Idk if that makes me a bad person or if that's just a demonstration of how desprate I am for a deal in our program.

  24. That is steal valor and is punishable under federal law. Plus I am a veteran and if I ever heard anybody be referred to a veteran when they wasn’t and they did not stand corrected I probably personally would kick their ass

  25. Looks good I have not seen this one yet but my days are gone til next month anyway 🤷‍♀️

  26. It has a fabulous taste! For me it was very energetic and made me a little shaky and a tad anxious. Definitely will be nice for in the morning with coffee.

  27. You can never go wrong with Takoma wellness. Super big selection and great prices.

  28. Ordered a mega adapter on 2/16, still haven’t gotten it. Want to order the 18mm ultimate eq kit. Apparently they are going to be available for order this weekend. Should I still order? Performance to date hasn’t inspired confidence.

  29. He is super swamped man. But trust me, he is trustworthy and very good. Don’t buy imitation pieces. You are wasting your money. Trust me I have so many products from him and have talked to him many many times. Keep your order in!!

  30. just replace it. I just buy

  31. I just don’t understand why and how it got so smelly since I never use it. Maybe two times? Yes I been eyeing them out on Amazon but definitely not the clear. Lol

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