1. Would that person be able to feel his/her toes anymore?

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s fairly easy for diabetics to lose feeling in their feet so I highly doubt they felt any of this

  3. I am legit dabbing on the second pic right now, at this moment. Get that, its cheap but it works and...its cheap.

  4. That is still less than a lot of other drugs. Manufacturers will move to making something better and shortages will start and no one will have an incentive to switch back to making insulin because the price can’t be raised. And it’s incredibly hard to make back your start up capital so no one (or very few) will be able to enter that space to pick up the slack.

  5. Many people lose vision, extremities, and develop all sorts of awful diseases from not being able to afford insulin. Take a look at some Native American reservations. It’s saddening to see how many individuals have diabetes and have to budget their insulin and food just to survive.

  6. Native American reservations are an exceptional circumstance brought on by the horrors of collective ownership that forbids people from investing in their communities.

  7. I had a similar issue, it was solved by more guards. You're overview at the top says you only have 1 or 2 available guards with nothing to do, so that may be the solution.

  8. I’ve done the same. Also if you have the funds just fire and re-hire them all

  9. I should have put /s on my comment.

  10. I think it’s worth it, especially if you get it on sale. It’s China glass, but it’s designed and quality checked by GRAV in Texas.

  11. I’m not allowed to have some fun? Go to a diff sub if you wanna smoke avb 😁no need to be upset

  12. The caffeine cravings went away for me too. Now when I go to coffee shops I just get chai—which has some caffeine but I don’t mind.

  13. Plugs are flakey, don’t stick to one. Once you get one that respects you and your business it’s so worth it.

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