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  1. laughs in a very civilized minotaur bard

  2. I'm super happy that Martial is back. He's looked top in the limited time he's had with Ten Hag, but if he can keep some confidence, he might get 20 this season.

  3. I have a feeling we will continue to wait

  4. Its alright ill just reread game of thro.......

  5. I play a paladin of abbathor. I approve of this message

  6. How are you defining midfielder. Personally I wouldn't ever call a winger a midfielder

  7. United in 2000s typically set up as a 4 4 2 with nani and ronaldo on either wing. They were more advanced than giggs and beckham had been but were 100% midfieldersIt was only around the end of the decade that they went 433 with rooney being a rm on occassion.

  8. Tbf countries like Brazil and England who should be making great managers have not had a truly great one in like two decades or more which is weird. You are telling me that Argentina can make all these great managers but Brazil who has vastly more resources cannot and have to rely on Portuguese managers to win Brasileirao and Libertadores?? Same with England not getting a manager good enough to manage a top 6 side(until Potter) let alone win the PL, UEL, or UCL compared to Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Portugal

  9. Still seems mad to me that no english manager has won a Premier league

  10. Or one crocodile out of 1.5 billion in history was born with a birth defect on their tail.

  11. If its beneficial theyll be more likely to have offspring which in turn passes this gene on to give them advantage. If not they ded

  12. Kovalev spent that second fight crying to the ref looking for an out. If I remember rightly there was one borderline at the stoppage, series of low blows my arse

  13. For me ward is top 5, arguably top 3, in super middleweight all time rankings. I loved him but he basically used krushers nuts as a punching bag. He had to be one of the dirtiest fighters of his era.

  14. Fury will fight charr, Aj will fight areolla, boxing is fucking cancer

  15. Thats wba regualar champ charr who had 1 successful fight in 4ish years against unbeat, and untested, lovejoy

  16. Probably in the minority but I think Dubois KO's him early.

  17. Definitely can see a ko. Cant see it coming early though. The size difference is just to much

  18. Muhammed qawi springs to mind. 5ft 5 1/2 or something ridiculous won titles at light heavyweight and cruiserweight. Aquitted himself well against foreman at heavyweight so just about sneaks in by your criteria

  19. He was a light heavy in his Prime, then a decent Cruiser, Other then his fight against Maldanado and puffing up for Foreman He was 44 when he broke the 200 mark, and was pretty much over the hill... . He was a hell of a light heavy and Crusier though.

  20. I was stretching tbf as op specifically asked abour heavyweights. To put it in context qawi was shorter than lomachenko and had half an inch on pacman

  21. Hey ive a little dick and am shit at games. Dont hear me being a sexist piece of shit

  22. And the casuals. He was only really liked by diehards

  23. Because McT starts every game no matter what.

  24. No, he hasn't. We've been through this before, he plays well for 1-3 games and plays dogshit for the next 7. But the moment he has a good game the sub goes mad thinking he's finally becoming some world class player. He has never been good enough, not even close. That's already been proven multiple times, McT as a starter is just career suicide for ETH.

  25. I cant remember when he last played well 3 games. I can barely remeber him playing well at all tbh

  26. Youre advocating the ole method of running thwm into the geound to find form? This isnt fifa mate. ETH will pick the best players that are in form

  27. Going off him caving DuBois eye socket in and the Parker win I guessing no one will want to fight Joyce now. I’d love to see him v Wilder and I’d love to see how Usyk deals with his constant pressure. I’m not bothered about watching Fury against anyone apart from Usyk or Joyce but I doubt any of those fights will be made any time soon. Fury beats them both imo, but probably more interested in making money dancing around with old MMA lads or…Charr! Like, WTF is that about? Why? Absolute nonsense

  28. Yeah unless joyce gets an interim wbo hes just not worth the risk. Also its not like you'll get great money from fighting him as he's not a big draw

  29. He has the WBO interim, chief! We could see him elevated anytime in the next 11 months should the WBO see fit.

  30. Didn't realise this. A few people like whyte might take a punt on him then to get a title although still dont see it

  31. A 56 year old tyson gets murdered in the ring against any top level heavyweight. Hell even top cruisers would do some serious damage as well. You cant expect a near 60 year old to beat someone in their prime.

  32. Any amateur heavyweight more like. Kevin McBride knocked him out in his thirties.

  33. Tbf the end of pro tyson didnt train. Was drugged and boozed up. He looks better now than then

  34. As much as I love him, Andy Ruiz is up there at least. Won the belts in a surprise upset, loses them next fight cause he decides to eat the world and hardly train. Like literally did nothing with it.

  35. At least he won the titles. Martin only got his belt due to injury

  36. Yeah was definitely a fighter better suited to wearing headguards. He had everything needes to be elite bar chin and heart

  37. He always seems to be 6 months off challenging for titles tbh

  38. Samurai with a rogue/paladin for advantage, crits and action surge plus extra healing is nice

  39. Joyce is high risk low reward for both fighters, more so AJ

  40. Can see joyce getting interim wbo while usyk is in Ukraine. Possibly against sanchez or ruiz jr

  41. Aah, it is hard now to find a good pair is shoes at fair price and which won’t do that in a near future. Usually if I see ones with soles just glued up I take it to a cobbler to sew them as well.

  42. Im guessing from the nuts in the picture that its hazelnut milk

  43. They will fold when they play a top team. Just like when we smoked them

  44. Tbf contes spurs are more likely to win trophies than us at the minute. I dont rate arteta but he did well getting one over conte

  45. Based on him having longer to build his squad.

  46. he also pulled us out of a mentality nosedive after that fuck got sacked, the 2 wins are the tip of the iceberg of wonders he worked with the team.

  47. Yep he's done well this year undoubtedly. Immense though?

  48. i dont think you're grasping just how bad we were before he came in. plus we had 2 of our starting defenders get injured in the first match of the season and have only had a proper striker for the last 2 matches.

  49. You were sabotaged by the bin dipper sleeper agent to be sure. What he's done this year has been hugely impressive. Its nice to see everton set up with a steucture and style of play. Itll be interesting to see how he does until the world cup break to be sure

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