1. The dual sense is the best controller I’ve ever used hands down. Bought one to use on my pc as well.

  2. You realise people generally only post on here if they have an issue? Nobody normally posts to say everything is working fine. I have the m1 mini and not had a single complaint, also use various Bluetooth devices.

  3. I presume you pull that lever up to release but did it come with a manual of sort?

  4. I got the S7 cellular after never having one previously and wouldn’t go back. The freedom of going out without needing your phone is unmatched.

  5. Blaming performance when Charles just said it was good?

  6. I’d rather Charles just say what he really thinks and call Ferrari out now, you can’t defend the strategy any longer. The guy deserves better.

  7. It’s 2 anthems back to back. Dutch for Max and Austrian because that’s the flag RBR races under.

  8. Yeah I know, I meant the Austrian anthem goes on too long.

  9. Our doors get cleaned by a pressure washer guy who is also using bleach, so I doubt a smart door lock would survive it. Its fun coming home to a wet floor inside the apartment.

  10. Which LG is that… was going to get a 27 (LG UP850) but did see some nice ultra wides but to be honest I am so confused by people saying different things about monitors

  11. I got an lg 32” (UN650) 4K for my m1 mini and have been very impressed with it.

  12. This is why I moved all my services away from Google.

  13. I would use a USB to SATA adapter to connect the drives to your computer, and then live boot DBAN and nuke the drives. For the NAS itself, a factory reset should be all you need to do. Are you planning to sell the NAS with the drives?

  14. Ok just started DBAN on one of the drives, will it wipe the ata password off? Yes plan on selling the drives with the nas, they are 2x 3Tb WD Reds.

  15. Wiping drives typically does take quite a while since every sector is being overwritten with a value (quickest wipe will write zeroes). This is different for how a typical delete or format operation works.

  16. It was estimating over 4000 hours so that tells me it probably isn’t working as it should.

  17. If Ferrari was a person it would go to the supermarket and not take the 3 for 2 offer and just buy 2 items only.

  18. Looks like you’re gonna have to take off and nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure…

  19. I personally don’t use switches at all, most of the lights are on automations and if I need to control any manually I’ll use Siri via phone/watch or HomePod mini.

  20. I was gonna upgrade to the pros from my 3rd gen but think I’ll just wait for the 2nd gen pros and hope they resolve the issues.

  21. Just got some patagonia black hole cubes, great durability and I like the fold open design.

  22. How bulky/heavy? Just curious as I love the look but wonder if they are unreasonably heavy due to their design

  23. I was actually surprised how light they were when I got them out, yes I’m sure lightweight branded cubes would be a lot lighter but the weight is a non issue for me.

  24. Are y’all melting as much as they say you are or are we Americans just being dramatic again

  25. We really are, should top 40c (104f) today and pretty much no home in uk has AC with homes built with thick brick walls to retain heat.

  26. Oh that’s shit man. Sorry to hear it. Lots of places here don’t have AC for instance my apartments. We just bought ours.

  27. If it becomes more common in the uk then we’ll have to start adapting using AC etc.

  28. Saw the first 30 mins, thought wtf am I watching and turned it off.

  29. Your aging (sp?) Synology doesn't support Docker? Install Scrypted through Docker. Insert IP cam's RTSP addy to Scrypted- it can be run on any 24/7 device.

  30. No it doesn’t support docker from what I can see, it’s a synology ds213.

  31. Latifi, Stroll and Ricciardo (as much as I love him) need to go imo.

  32. F1 wouldn’t be the same without him 😟 I just hope he can make some good progress in the next 6 months and prove his worth.

  33. Favourite ones and still possible to get? MGS 2, 3 and 4. Although easily the most difficult I’ve earned.

  34. I mean Snake Eater is pretty easy to do.But 2 and 4 are nearly impossible without losing your sanity.

  35. Yeah I didn’t say it would be easy 😂 but seriously unless you’re a die hard MGS completionist, I wouldn’t say 2 and 4 are worth it for sanity sake.

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