AITA for telling my daughter not to talk to me

*Lowers face into palm*

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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  1. I remember once we were playing (brother and me) at my mother's work. She was an employee at a hair salon. Now the daughter of the owner of that place was a mean little shit and out of the blue, she said we stole her toys (we really really didn't) so her mother came to see what was going on and our mother as soon as she heard what the girl was saying slapped me and brother in the face with such strength it took a few hours for the mark to go away.

  2. what modern morals are used in "Cerulean sea"? (I just started reading it, I don't mind the spoilers but I want to know now XD)

  3. The question is...do you feel swayed by the "problematic content"?

  4. Yes, this did happen to me. And it's a hard thing to talk about because like you said, it makes you seem ungrateful.

  5. This is so sad. I’m sorry they didn’t take the time to see you. And to have to buy your own gifts and cake so they don’t feel like jerks, it’s ALMOST self aware, but still not. How incredibly frustrating!

  6. Thanks, and yeah it borders on being self-aware of their shitty behavior which is almost funny XD. I hope you have people now who are interested in you and take the time to show it.

  7. There was a post a few days ago about a girl who told his boyfriend she was sexually assaulted and he left her and said pretty awful things as well.

  8. That concept puzzled me too until I started paying more attention to how I treated myself. There are many instances where I was mean and hateful towards myself. For example:

  9. Wowww, u perfectly described me and my thoughts. I was always thinking that ppl r right about bad things they say about(to) me, it's like they confirm what I already knew about myself deep inside, so I've always believed them instead of standing up for myself. I find myself surprisingly in everything, in every single paragraph, ( it's a bit sad that I wasn't aware that it was all self-hate)! How did u overcome it, any tips? What ur therapist have said?

  10. Hi you! It is kinda wild when you read things in this sub and identify yourself so much.

  11. Letting things like this out help oh so so much. Especially here with people who have lived similar things or at least have enough empathy to care for you, for a little while even if they haven't met you. I'm glad you are better. And I'm sorry you remember so much about that.

  12. It is really hard to be so alone. To think there is no purpose to your life. I know how that feels and the bad part is that only you can change it. Support from others helps but it doesn't last forever and no one can save you from the things that are in your own head.

  13. I can tell you something that might help , maybe.

  14. The first thing that jumped to my mind as an example of a corporation having way too much power was Robocop, but since you specified BEFORE Alien, the next example I could think of was Westworld.


  16. I forgot how to read for a moment. Well, I didn't know that about Westworld. Will have to watch that movie now. : D

  17. Yeah, no, people cannot EXPLAIN the circumstances you were in and especially should not make you feel like you did something wrong when you didn't. You were running and got pepper-sprayed. Even if the woman was scared, that is no excuse.

  18. Google has told me it is called Disworld and runs on DOS for PC. Apparently from 95

  19. An old woman fights vampires by making them crave tea and dry biscuits.

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