1. Always be cautious when purchasing online, i guess the options depend on how you have paid them, if through paypal then dispute the transaction. If via bank transfer you may struggle to get your money back unless this was on a credit card.

  2. People do bad shit but it doesn't necessarily define their character, use caution and your judgment. Are you safe to be around him and do you think he has bad intentions? Maybe hes just lonely and wants some to see some old faces.

  3. Every drug has a consequence, normally the more you think its making you feel okay or you're having a good time, then the more you are sacrificing. The longterm effects of most drugs are very real and i strongly encourage anybody whos looking into taking substances to do research beforehand.

  4. why do you want to dilute it? and THC distillate burns off at around 220F, and most vapes burn at 390F ish if im not mistaken. why not just put the disty into some carts?

  5. Im not a massive fan of the vapes used for cartridges, im looking for a cost effective way without to much smell to make an e liquid i can make in decent sized batches

  6. I personally think you did it the wrong order, smoke first, drink later. Puts me in a better position to smoke later somehow.

  7. All of the things that i shouldn't of done and you don't get the opportunity to do when your an adult because in doing so you will completley destroy your life.

  8. Did you ever figure this out? I currently have a wired 350hc and would like to remove the limiter

  9. I mean all the other stages of war have past.

  10. A lack of brain power, A shortage of funds, but never a shortage of weed

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