1. Did you know that zombies wasn’t suppose to exist in Infinite Warfare at first?

  2. It was suppose to be Extinction from COD Ghosts, but the IW studio got nervous about fans reacting to “aliens” again so they went with zombies. They’re actually called Cryptids becuz they lived on Earth before.

  3. Drop shots have been around since cod 4. What are you talking about?

  4. And it should be when you drop shot you lose your aim, that’s how it should’ve been. Black Ops 4 was the first COD to nerf dropshot

  5. Dude was also running Engineer too. 🤣 Rarely rarely rarely anyone runs claymores or proxies

  6. Nah bro, the machine pistol is the worst- especially in Warzone with the akimbo DMG nerf. It’s a PEA SHOOTER

  7. Or just make WZ like 30-60$. On a business standpoint, it keeps the cheaters out, which is what DMZ is gonna be in MW22 behind the game’s money as a mode.

  8. They make far more money if the game is free than bought. Blackout proves this. Also it's harder for people to justify buying cosmetics if you also have to buy the game.

  9. Actually, DMZ is not to be the third mode, but Spec Ops again, this time, Duos. DMZ is to be a 4th mode.

  10. The fact that this shit is exploitable, hand breaking, and the fact that all my classes have gas grenades now to stop their movement... I will not stop till WZ2 where I can rest the use of gas grenades of their service.

  11. Swimming is already gonna be implanted since the WZ2 map is giving out Blackout Vibes. You can shoot in water, but the DMG is gonna be weaker.

  12. The exact same movement completely untouched

  13. There are ppl who played MW2 alpha early early and said sliding is different. It’s like COD Ghosts sliding. So you’re technically rn another victim on my gas grenade list. That’s how I stopped these movement bitches

  14. Meanwhile with slide canceling, it can break hands, but I solve their problems by gassing them.

  15. The aim-assist also supports the QS becuz of precision aim assist. You shoot them 2-3 times, you’re guaranteed to die instantly.

  16. No offense but yall dumb. They're under maintenance. Literally says it on your screen. There is no fix except being patient

  17. Ah yes- under maintenance but an hour later my friend and I were able to get into WZ. It’s happening to a lot of ppl also, but those that aren’t affected are still able to play.

  18. Remove one of the votes for yes, I read too fast and thought it said “would you guys want to see leave game and edit loadout be back in MW22.” I want these features to be back in MW22. 💀

  19. Lol, you’re stuck with it. And I also mis typed the title too, wtf

  20. Why would you want to lock editing loadouts? I can at least see the potential benefit of locking leaving but what’s wrong with editing loadouts?

  21. Between rounds of SnD(mainly this mode) when the round ends, it gets locked, not allowing you to change when the killcam comes in. Then once the round starts, you got 5 seconds to edit quick as possible, or you die and then edit your loadout from there. Or you could do it in-game during the round, but you either die or just stay in one spot for like 10 seconds.

  22. Back then, they didn’t expect it to rise in popularity and all these integrations, that’s why they merged it with MW19

  23. Uhhhh sometimes also there also things that the devs don’t know what causes it

  24. Immediately snappin perfectly to people outside of the screen. Its possible for some people to snap onto someone on screen but anytime a person is snapping right on someone who isnt on screen and behind a wall they are using a "cheat".

  25. Dude, it’s like saying Siege players cheat because of constant headshots when they can literally keep their aim on your head.

  26. I dont know anything about siege and dont care

  27. Yea, you’re definitely PTSD from the constant hackers in Verdansk.

  28. I’d rather have the FR 5.56 over the meta guns of multiplayer. Track and hit the shots with the bursts and you’re good to go against in Public CDL matches(SnD mainly)

  29. Ghosts 2? Nah i don’t want it, maybe just a campaign continuation pack with MWII wouldn’t be bad, but multiplayer never got to me, extinction eh you know, never really got to me. But they should release a ghosts campaign continuation for sure.

  30. Extinction could’ve existed in Infinite Warfare, as there was a prototype already, but IW was nervous so they went with zombies.

  31. I disagree. MW19 attracted a LOT of new players who came from Battlefield, Ghost Recon and similar type games. Ubisoft and EA has butchered those franchises so fans were looking for something new and gritty. MW19 delivered that and MW22 looks to expand on it. Alot of newer players that joined with MW19 didn’t like CW as it was too far removed from the tone and setting of MW19. If they didn’t like CW they will HATE a return to advanced movement. We here on reddit are a minority so when casual fans who prefer MW19 setting and tone leave and take their $$$ with them I can’t see it happening. Also lets not forget this is going to be owned by Microsoft. With Halo struggling MS won’t want anything to be remotely similar to it. AW2 won’t happen.

  32. Yea, but guess what during before MW19 was released and it’s beginning lifecycle till now: The game is called Modern Doorfare.

  33. How is he even alive he died in the story mode lol!

  34. The story is canon but we’re in the future now- before Michael and Franklin also becuz we met Trevor

  35. It’s also surprising that the bayonet in WZ there is no bayonet charge. The point is that you’re charging at the enemy exposing yourself to them in a high chance of dying, 3rd party, etc. it’s to catch them off-guard.

  36. I've only ever killed 1 cheater with my riot shield back in the Verdank days. I was able to predict there was a cheater in my lobby. When it was just us 2 left I baited him into a vehicle, threw a thermite at the vehicle and waited for it to explode. I proceeded to teabag him before winning the game.

  37. I just used it so much back then becuz I was paranoid that there would be a cheater in the lobby.

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