1. I use a fitness tracker so I know I can run 5k in 33 minutes.

  2. Today's episode is bought to you by the letters D, M, and T.

  3. Today's episode is bought to you by the letters D, M, and T.

  4. Meanwhile, I got a reading and writing test for college entrance and got in with a 95% percentile. Got an A in English, and then majored in fine art with a minor in graphic design. Ended up working in a factory for $19/hr.

  5. I think it's because a huge chunk of what got nominated are stuff people actually care about this year.

  6. "I don't think you're looking to be informed. I think you just trying to get another dopamine rush."

  7. Conservatives tend to think that secular governments and only secular governments can oppress people. Religion and corporations can't possibly be oppressive.

  8. ""Nothing encapsulates this country’s fundamental brokenness quite like the obligation to beg nine life-tenured justices who earn quarter-million-plus dollars a year for permission to make the debt burdens of working people marginally less crushing.""

  9. I don't think $250k is an unreasonable salary for the highest judge in the land.

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