AITA for calling out our cook for scamming us?

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  1. Compared to almost any other martial art, BJJ is crazy expensive.

  2. A lot of martial arts (at least here in Canada) get some level of government assistance. TKD and Judo for example both do, as they're both Olympic sports, so tuition is much lower in general.

  3. Really? I used to teach Taekwondo and our students paid SO much more than the kids at my BJJ academy. BJJ tuition might be higher, but TKD and Karate schools charge for every belt promotion (1.5-4 months in between), sparring gear, and tournament registration fees are generally more expensive.

  4. I am glad you enjoyed my analysis, and I appreciate your feedback because I love talking about political theories. 🙂

  5. Again, such a great analysis! I'm saving this thread to continually refer back to.

  6. NAH- Two people couldn't come to terms with a business arrangement. Happens daily, don't feel bad.

  7. Staph infection on my neck... didn't realize what it was, shaved and it got in EVERY PORE ON MY NECK. I went to the hospital

  8. I had a white belt repeatedly stop on my toes/foot when he was trying to pass my open guard. I definitely think stepping on my foot and holding it down is fine if you want to keep my leg/foot in place but repeated stops one after another got him a quick tap.

  9. No, but the process of keeping him alive is somewhat detailed- knowing to look on the map for the labeled sections of Saren's facility and destroying certain things.

  10. Don't warn him what to do, but do warn him to save every few minutes and not overwrite them so he can't play himself into a corner.

  11. Picking obvious favorites, having an inner circle, outright bullying disguised as joking, creeps on women who train, is always on their phone during class.

  12. You want to be taken from your family to become an assassin at age 7?

  13. Always just like to know I'd be able to handle myself with 95% of people in case things go bad.

  14. Disband Cerberus. Turn over all of their data to the Alliance authorities. Publish who funds the organisation. Donate every penny of funding to charitable causes.

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