1. Big Pharma is taking advantage of Joe. How much is he paying monthly for HGH and Test?

  2. One of those times where I can't tell if you're telling the truth or not and I'm too scared to find out

  3. a 14 year old should not be fucking a 45 year old, he is probably traumatized and doesn't even know it.

  4. You lead with money, you'll get used for your money. No different then if a woman leads with seductive pics, clothing etc.

  5. 😂😂 he also falls into that category. Dude has a live nation contract but people swear he’s not a puppet

  6. You think Jordan Peterson mimics competence? The nigga is one of the top 50 most cited Psychologists in the history of the profession. Nigga has >100 peer reviewed papers. Bro was tenured at UOT and a visiting professor at Harvard. Bro got double major, masters and PHD. 3 volumes of Books with 10,000’s pages worth of bibliography

  7. Ben shapiro, Candace Owens, all have hollywood agency representation, its all just a mlm scheme at the end of the day

  8. Possible bait and switch. Looking for a high value target 🤔

  9. You’ll be surprised there’s always a guy willing to penetrate something, it can be a super duper ugly thot it can be a whale it can be Tr4ns. Those guys get tired of the meat beating and the blow up dolls and want to penetrate a warm blooded creature like the ones I mentioned above

  10. damn i just pretty much said this before reading this comment. I dont even think she's lying

  11. You'd be shocked how easy it is for "unattractive" women to get male attention. I don't even think she's lying.

  12. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/12/09/mafia-drop-homosexuality-gay-ban-drag-queen-son-lady-godiva-italy/

  13. You read it wrong Brody. The threat to slap me and my girlfriend came after she left through text messages. She was getting upset because she was saying I was taking too long to text back but I answered my girlfriend calls right away when she was at my house.

  14. As a former person who loved crazy chicks. You need to know that her acting crazy isn't about you specifically. You're not special. She would act crazy for any dude.

  15. Bill Burr makes fun of everyone.

  16. nigga they are a million attractive women. why in the actual fuck would you give money to a random bitch on the internet u are never going to fuck?

  17. i also don't get it. Theres so much free pr0n if you want it too. Its so bizarre. Men really do be trash

  18. Is Jordan Peterson just publicly harassing that Sports Illustrated Model at this point? She didn't even do anything, she just existed and had her picture taken when asked to do a job.

  19. JBP in 2016 : I will respect and use trans people's pronouns, though they are not the sex they identify as, my issue is with C16 and compelled speech.

  20. It's towards a white person, so of course it's not racist.

  21. Seems like one way you can define a conservative is a profound lack of empathy

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