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  1. It's very much something that happens to other people. Even those who have been single for 10 years can understand the concept, can know what it's like. We only have movies and TV, and that's not exactly a healthy way to understand any kind of relationship.

  2. For the cold air, as strange as this seems, wear a mask. If your asthma is okay enough to wear one then it functions very similar to having a scarf over your mouth but works better. The mask will help keep the heat in for the air you breathe, if you're not doing anything but sitting you're not exerting yourself so you should breathe easier.

  3. If you don't have anti septic use salt water. I use salt water for my cats when they get little injuries and it works well.

  4. I don't understand how to read all of the information in the study but I'm wondering if they accounted for objective vs subjective attractiveness. So, if we take a random person in the trial, number 37, were their looks rated similar by all those being asked to judge their looks? If number 37 was judged as a 6 in attractiveness did all judges rate them around that number, or were there a significant portion of those who rated them much higher or much lower?

  5. She's tired because she worked 14 hours, that's normal. If she worked 14 minutes and then got excessively tired, yes, that would be PEM. Tell her that people with CFS need at least 2 mins of rest for each min of activity, including moving about the house and cognitive tasks, and even then we can sometimes still get PEM, it can happen with no apparent cause.

  6. First, racism. Yes this will happen to people with the same skin colour but even if these women aren't being racist to you consciously it's still racism. I know that you know that, this isn't me trying to whitesplain to you, but to reassure you that it's okay to call it out, to call them out.

  7. I was shocked one day because I was coming out of the local shop and someone looked me directly in the eyes...but then I realised I was wearing mirrored sunglasses lololol

  8. I think it's been edited a bit but not nearly as much as initial impressions suggest. She's likely flattened her belly a bit and pulled in her back fat, but the gaping happens to a lot of people who have a lot of junk in the trunk but not in the middle.

  9. I'm so sorry, I really am. Some people are dealt cruel hands in life and left behind by society. Even as children we don't fit right, and instead of helping us everyone just shrugs their shoulders and walks away. We are deemed surplus to requirements. The world seems to turn its back on us and simply forget we exist.

  10. It shouldn't come off weird to share food with him since he shared food with you. It's being friendly and showing you appreciated his gesture.

  11. I got told I looked great but only after some weight loss. I'm still fat, if I'd started at the weight I am now I'd not have received those compliments, but just reducing the size of my body apparently made me worthy of receiving a compliment about it. I hated it. It reduced me to nothing but the size of my body, which is all I ever am.

  12. I think it looks great. It may be something you need but it so fits your style and looks like something you could have easily just chosen to wear because the asymmetry looks cool. Your style is fantastic.

  13. lol, dreamed this one so many times now. Sometimes I'll just try talking to the person in a professional manner and even then I get ghosted!

  14. You should pick one hand as your dominant hand. If you're ambidextrous then you might need to experiment to see what feels natural, but it will be confusing if you switch hands between different letters.

  15. Those people who say that "relationships aren't all that great," should just never be in one again, right? If they're so adamant that being FA is a blessing in disguise why don't they do it themselves?

  16. My rabbit ate the rubber feet off of a step ladder as well as half a paracetamol. The latter she ate too late at night to get her to a vet. Not only did she not die she didn't display any weird or unusual signs or behaviours, just carried on as normal.

  17. I try not to get obsessed with it so will limit the amount I allow myself to daydream about such things. Sometimes I can't help myself, can't control it, but I'm usually able to shift to thinking about other things, like thinking up new D&D characters and giving them rich backstories.

  18. No one else in my family is unattractive like I am. Everyone else has been able to find romance at one point or another. I 100% got all the worst traits.

  19. I love your art style. I'm a huge fan of disproportionate proportions, plus your colouring and line work is lovely, so smooth. This looks like video game art, something that someone did professionally.

  20. In my mid to late 20's I was kind of "outed" as being a virgin. A woman, younger than me asked the group if anyone was. It was a shitty thing to do because it's hugely personal and you don't put people on the spot like that, but another woman who was in her early 20's piped up first and said she was, so I then felt able to say I was as well.

  21. Many times. Some think I'm lying, that I have lovers on the low. I wish!

  22. I take that one as a huge compliment. For ages I thought it was like I was walking around with the word "virgin" written on my forehead, now not only do I know that virginity is a social construct but that no one thinks I am.

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