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Trump likely to be criminally charged in DOJ election probe along with other former White House officials, Obama AG Holder says

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  1. snoke was SUCH a wasted character and his death made no sence at all

  2. Really? To me he just came across as just a generic big bad. Sure, he was powerful, but that’s about it. Maybe there’s something in books, etc. that I’m missing. His death was an amazing moment, to me. I just wish they hadn’t brought Palpatine back.

  3. he was the most powerful force user we'd seen up to that point and a far as we knew he was neither a sith or jedi, that alone gave his character more potential than anyone else

  4. What possibilities did you envision? I’d love to hear more about that!

  5. Nope! Unfortunately, it’s actually the 3rd one. I’ve long wanted to go, but never had the opportunity/necessary funds.

  6. Well, yeah, if I were Jesus I’d be really ticked off too if my name was being invoked to support fascism.

  7. Not security myself, but I worked at the same place as my grandpa, and he was head of security at a winery with a 10,000-people ampitheater. There was one concert where we got a waning for a possible terrorist attack.

  8. Loyalty with a lots of nurturing. Loving your home, and wanting it to be the best it can be.

  9. Looks like they left out the Confederate flags for this one

  10. No no no, they would never openly display the swastika. They have to have plausible deniability, ya know!

  11. Two historically important people of the same gender from the 14th-19th century who lived together and were totally just roommates/close friends. Totally.

  12. Ironically, I just think of all the angry conservatives who’ve lobbed that word and many others at me— just for believing in some basic human rights and not thinking Muslims are inherently dangerous.

  13. Is Walgreens the one where people have reported not being able to get their presecriptions due to individual pharmacists’ “religious objections?”

  14. Can you please just let us know when he actually is charged?

  15. Shortly after/around the time she had my father, my grandma moved from Japan to the U.S. and attended a University here. My father grew up in the U.S., and in high school met my mom and joined the Navy.

  16. That’s so awesome! I am currently trying to go to med school and become a surgeon. I am also starting a club with my University this semester and have to find an advisor. Im really happy to hear your story and that it worked out for you.

  17. He/she. Not sure my pets have a concept of gender identity.

  18. Not so much hate, but I’m deeply dissappointed in or angry at them:

  19. Why do straight men find lesbian porn appealing?

  20. For me (M) personally, socks. I hate having my feet restricted.

  21. If you cannot afford to reasonably pay your employees, you can’t afford to run a business (at least, not at that size).

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