1. My puppy (now a 2 year old dog) adapted to his wire crate just fine. But he cries and whines whenever we’ve tried putting him in a plastic-sided travel crate. The plastic one does not let him see out the sides and is a bit tighter, with poorer ventilation. I don’t blame him actually for not wanting to be in there.

  2. This is a very interesting storyline, sad also. Were villages in Poland required by the nazi to send labor? Seems plausible that families were forced to send labor under threat. If they were sympathizers than it would be hard for me to believe they willingly sent her unless they were given false promises.

  3. The Nazis requisitioned forced labor in a lot of places, but especially in Poland. Many people of prime age for work round-ups joined resistance movements in order to avoid the transports. The US National WWII Museum has a page about their use of East European forced labor, where they also note that 5.7 million non-German civilians were used as forced labor in the Reich.

  4. $100 is quite the cost. Seems like ur rationalizing it bc u figure u will only bother going to the gym if its super nice. Therefore $100 is worth it bc its the difference btwn a fit lifestyle and not having one. Not the way id suggest thinking abt things tbh

  5. Different opinions I guess? I would much rather spend $100/mo on a service I use and enjoy, vs a gym that I visit a few times and then never return to. I have belonged to cheaper gyms in the past and never could sustain motivation to go to them.

  6. Been buying and selling autographs for 40 plus years. Most of these are facsimile or printed signatures. These are not live ink signatures. The white printing of the signature is typical of studio portraits from this period.

  7. Good point .. I answered the post without looking closely. The lot is probably still worth something as vintage prints / promo stills though.

  8. Try Golden Legend Books. They are ABAA members (a professional group that requires a certain number of years of business and has an ethics code). They deal in theatrical books, manuscripts, memorabilia, etc.

  9. Popcorn? “Lesser Evil” popcorn is 120 cal / 3 cups and provides fiber. Smartfood is another popcorn brand that’s more common and is also healthier than chips. These have helped me a lot when I want something salty/crunchy. I have to just swear off chips!

  10. That sucks that people are commenting. It’s not other people’s job to make comments on your body. That being said, if you would be happier losing some pounds, then it sounds like you’ve got a solid plan. So much better to start now, too, than to continue on and potentially have much more to lose within a few years. I bet you’ll be feeling better soon!

  11. I am a lot older than you (40s) with 20+ years of cooking experience behind me — so for someone like me, they feel unnecessary. You can definitely make food that’s equaly healthy and exactly fits your taste without a plan, and probably do it more cheaply too.

  12. I just re-read your post and I realize that I am thinking about meal subscriptions (like HelloFresh, Blue Apron etc.). I think these could be worth thinking about, but I’d stay away from paying for anything that simply says “we will sell you a custom meal PLAN” (as in, just the plan, not the food) or any MLM plans that focus on shakes. Those are either not going to help teach you anything useful, or amount to advice that you can get for free off the internet.

  13. And for anyone who asks, 25K is not "let's skip off to Hawaii" money. Between extra rent, food, diapers, equipment, clothes, and day care, she's going to go through the money fast.

  14. Yep - FT daycare alone for an infant averages $1230 per month in the US. (That’s the national average for a daycare center. It’s a bit cheaper for in-home care, but then you’ll have coverage gaps whenever your day care provider gets sick or needs a day off.) She will need this if she plans to work. So that’s almost $15k right there.

  15. Hi, I’m also 5’4” and am close to your weight, and have been losing weight for months.

  16. They are a little more on the sci-fi side than the fantasy side, but how about Lynne & Michael Damian Thomas? They have won lots of awards for their editorship of Uncanny Magazine over the last ten years, including Hugo Awards (2016-2020 back to back), the British Fantasy Award (2019), and the Aurora Award (2019), plus a bunch of other nominations. Works they have edited have also won Hugo, Locus and World Fantasy awards.

  17. Go into your settings in Noom and find the “slider” that has weight loss speeds with turtle, rabbit and cheetah icons over it. Is yours set to cheetah, by chance? Try turning it down to halfway between rabbit and turtle. That should bring you up to closer to 1500-1600 calories per day, which will be much more sustainable and will still get you to your goal in a reasonable time frame.

  18. Firstly, you are in a dangerous period for eating gathered mushrooms. We cannot determine the exact species from a picture. This is less of a problem with certain groups, as there are no deadly look a-likes. Your mushroom has a look a like called Volvopluteus gloiocephalus which is not recommended for eating. Additionally, your mushrooms features are close enough to some deadly amanita, that it is recommended to avoid when gathering mushrooms without much experience. Build your experience with mushrooms that have no deadly look a likes. Finally, most of these not choice species are inferior to store bought mushrooms for quality.

  19. What's the point of physically collecting an edible mushroom several times without eating it? That's wasteful. Shouldn't you just take lots of photos to have an expert verify your find instead?

  20. I agree with you actually. Arora wrote this decades ago when far fewer people were into mushroom hunting, so there wasn’t as much impact I guess? There are some species though where you can’t fully identify them without picking, and where it’s a good idea to become really familiar with the species before eating. Matsutake comes to mind … often half-buried in duff, and difficult to tell apart from many similar species based on the top of the cap alone.

  21. Keeping the puppy from bothering the older dog is a good step, but is it possible that your older dog may have an unrelated health issue on top of being annoyed? Not acting normal or taking treats sounds like she could need a vet visit.

  22. Taking a table on her own behalf, without a man necessarily being at the table with her.

  23. Were there spaces for women to dine or get tea together? Was that done out of home at all?

  24. Many public spaces were actually invented towards the end of the 19th century to fill this need! Ice cream parlors, for example, were seen as safe spaces for women. The Freedman book that I cited has some great examples of how this played out, in case you want to read more.

  25. Check into the suburbs on the west side of Portland. The Beaverton and Hillsboro school districts (and others on that side) are nice, and you can find townhomes in the vicinity for comparable to what yours is in GA.

  26. Hey there, I own a full size launch bag in my archives, but I need a Big Grab bag from the era. I’m a food brand historian and noted archivist, so if your friend would be willing to part with it, let me know.

  27. His right foot is literally resting on the rock named "Barbarism". This word finds it origin in the Barbary coast region of Africa. This region housed a thriving slave trade fleet that would sail up and down the European coast to capture their goods. Their slave raids went all the way to the north of Scotland. Based on an financial analysis of their markets they estimate 1-1.5 million Europeans were sold and enslaved by the Africans. This all happened before the transatlantic slave trade and we copied elements of their barbaric practices.

  28. “Barbarism” comes from the Greek root word, barbaros, meaning foreign or strange. “Barbary Coast” comes from “Berber”, the ethnic group in North Africa.

  29. There are a lot of small differences between any two insurance plans based on exactly what coverage you select and what conditions the plans cover, so you’ll have to look through the fine print on the specific plans and compare.

  30. Your friend’s story is almost exactly like what happened to one of my friends. What help might be available probably depends a lot on where you live. You might try reposting your question in the local subreddit for your city/state. You could also try reposting in

  31. So I don't know how tenant laws work in general, let alone in TX, but when you write a housing listing like this ( that's really just a thinly veiled personal ad ) aren't you skirting some really serious landlord/tenant laws??

  32. If you were a landlord renting out a whole apartment, definitely illegal.

  33. If you’re just needing to bridge a gap of a month or two, and (big if) you’re in a part of the country that has campgrounds in the vicinity, you could consider setting up camp for a week or two at a state park, then moving to a new campground when you’ve reached the max number of allowed nights. You would need to look for first-come, first-serve sites since reservable sites are often booked months out in the summer.

  34. But I’m not really looking to strength train…my biggest goal is to lose weight. Does strength training using bands and dumbbells still make you lose weight?

  35. 1500 calories per day sounds like a reasonable goal for your height/weight. It does not mean you need to do 1000 calories of exercise per day, luckily! Here’s a ballpark (not exact) breakdown of what should happen each day at that intake:

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