1. I mean redban was incredibly problematic for anyone who cared to do 7 mins background check

  2. He doesn’t live up to Gen Z standards.

  3. Lol.... problematic. Redban was many things. Problematic being in the top 500 I guess.

  4. This is illegal and if he is naked he would have been arrested very quickly.

  5. Since this is largely targeted at the mods I will address a couple things as best I can.

  6. I disagree with the first couple of points. Comments and threads shitting on Joe and the podcast are not heavily down voted, they're the most up voted in the entire sub and a quick look through any thread will show that, I'll gather stats if needed.

  7. I hear ya but keep in mind that Joe got way more political over the years. He seems to be losing interest fast though so you may get your wish.

  8. Aren't there a bunch of really simple solutions to the housing crisis issue? FWIW this is not meant to be a politically motivated comment.

  9. Removed, Canadian policy is by definition Canadian politics.

  10. The housing crisis is not limited to Canada and these solutions apply to any county that has similar issues. This is a global issue.

  11. I just don't get why people always avoid the topic of population control. We don't need nearly as many people today as we did just 25 years ago. This trend will continue forever. I mean in the next 15 years driving, cashiers, couriers, mail delivery, etc will all be full automated and autonomous.

  12. People have been saying that automation was going to kill things since the 70's.......All it actually does is shift where the jobs are or open up jobs in new and evolving industries.

  13. https://twitter.com/AmpmannBlitz/status/1540111631543312385

  14. Aren't there a bunch of really simple solutions to this issue?

  15. I don't know if you realize this but I was talking about you having your fave subs taken away. You were a fan of those subs no?

  16. Fan of those subs? LOL. Those voices in your head are not real bro.

  17. So you have never crossposted to any of those subs. Maybe like, IDK, May 4th or something? To mock trans people? The day before the may ban on politics mysterious between you crossposting a SJiA meme and the news that Roe v. Wade would be over turned.

  18. I will never understand why people like Jordan and Joe spend so much of their lives getting mad at certain groups of people. Sounds exhausting.

  19. Joe only has 2 real issues. Biological men in women's sports and hormones given to children. I think most of us agree those are legit issues.

  20. I own my house but inflation hits us all hard. It sucks.

  21. Steven Crowder episode was a tough listen but Joe gave it to him hard.

  22. Wtf is up with the flair these days? I guess I should look into it.

  23. One of the few reposts I am always happy to approve.

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