1. Even if you had to pay a nominal sum it would likely still be much cheaper than staying Mormon.

  2. So does this mean that all the stars we see up in the sky are really just pieces of sausage?

  3. Math transcends reality. Math would still be true in another universe.

  4. It was part of a rib. That is why the twelfth rib is so small. Lilith came from the right and tried to be more assertive since she was near Adam’s right hand, but Eve came from the left closer to Adam’s heart.

  5. When I found that the official narrative was not true, what was my spiritual witness testifying to exactly?

  6. Bikini Bottom=bikinis and bottoms. Sponge Bob=contraceptive sponge. The Krusty Crab=the STD crabs. Sandy the rodent=rodentphilia. Patrick is always walking around in his underwear. Squidward=well, just Google Japanese porn and tentacles, but be warned, plus we all know what his pineapple house is for. And Gary contains the word “gay.”

  7. What’s your threshold? Immortal, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good pretty much captures it for me.

  8. Apostle says: “I make no money from the books I write.” Apostle thinks: “But I make plenty of money off the books written in my name.”

  9. Why do we need Satan or Jesus, really? Why do we need to have a Devil in order to have opposition or a test? Why do we need to have a Savior to atone for sins? How does he really atone for anything? Isn’t a Savior like Monopoly money, as his death is arbitrary money used to pay for an arbitrary debt?

  10. The tax money is not mine: it is the governments. What is left over is mine. I paid tithing on aftertax income as that was income I had power over. I could give 10% to myself or 10% to the Lord.

  11. Brigham Young arrived at the Great Salt Lake and said, “This is the place.” He could have saved everyone the trip and said the same words miles earlier.

  12. This nursery rhyme is a parable about the descent and ascent of Our Lord Jesus in the meridian of time. The chiasmus proves its divine origin. “Hickory dickory dock” is Hebrew for “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

  13. I am seeking an opportunity to magnify my employment calling so as to reach my true potential and not bury my talents in the ground as I pursue the marvelous work this position offers.

  14. Have you studied holographic Time theory? It’s basically the same thing. The End, like the Beginning, are determined and wrap onto each other. The End is the Beginning. The only Moment is Present

  15. Unless I am studying it right now, evidently the answer is no.

  16. So should we believe in unicorns and leprechauns? Some people claim they exist, though we do not have evidence to prove it.

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