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Told my gf to trust me. over -60% of 10k in one month. It "was" her money. She doesn't know😩😩

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  1. Here’s the right answer. Because watching sports typically (not always) comes with drinking alcohol and drunk people make stupid decisions. It’s quite simple actually.

  2. Alternatively," have you considered the person who sold the tabs to your friend was lying and your friend believed them?”

  3. This is the correct answer. You friend isn’t a liar. Just the messenger of false information.

  4. Might wanna consider a gap wedge to bridge the 25 yard spread between pitching and 52. I’d recommend dropping one of your hybrids for it, preferably your 6.

  5. it's like trying to learn how to drive but not on a small car, but on a Formula one car

  6. But maybe that crash is what needs to happen to dissolve ones ago. Whereas an experienced driver or psychonaut has the mileage to control psychedelic states to a greater degree. This leading to bad trips.

  7. In terms of playoff performance, dating back to 2015, he generally is the best scorer on his team, he's an extremely important secondary playmaker distributor (over 5APG over the last six playoff seasons), he's an insanely good rebounder for his position (7 RPG over the last six playoff seasons), and he's one of the premiere defensive wings of his era who generally has the on-ball assignment of the other team's best offensive wing, whether that's LeBron, Giannis, Kawhi or Tatum.

  8. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Also needless to say, he’s a sick dawg in the playoffs and turns on a different motor in key games

  9. Within the field of Neuroscience, researchers don't have any other way to study this, in general. Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, brain, and neurochemistry. They are doing great work but it is limited in scope. Outside of this field, there is some very interesting work being done. Julia Mossbridge is someone doing some good work. This interview is amazing:

  10. We're trying to do this process where we sort of keep going backwards until we can't look at ourselves anymore. We want to go to this complete observer state until you get to the thing...

  11. To add to that I had a really bad/rough trip that explained how the secret of reality is 0/1. Essentially every combination of anything ever comes by starting with binary 0s and 1s.

  12. This. Then you realize nothing is clearly impossible so there has to be something because even the simple idea of nothing is something so therefore there’s everything and nothingness is so unstable and unlikely that even if it existed there’s no measurable amount of time to describe how long ‘it’ existed so eventually something was created and sure enough here we are.

  13. Last Saturday I drank until 1AM and blew a .104 when I tried to start my car at 3PM the next day. 14 hours later and blew a fucking .1

  14. Yes, a sign that a greedy leprechaun sits on the other side inside that pot of gold tag teaming your wife with ryan cohen

  15. If you lost all yours, why'd you think it was a good idea to invest someone else's money?? Instead of throwing into stupid investments, do genuine research and invest into things that will make money.

  16. Seen people smoking fentanyl that literally just fall over and then stand up and do it again.

  17. Lol pick a side and carry on apparently.

  18. There’s not even sides. It’s you alone with your unpopular douche bag opinion against the rest of this sub with our logical thoughts.

  19. You clearly needa go ready more comments to understand the whole story.

  20. He put the thumb in the pumpkin but the woman don’t smile, he put the thumb in the pumpkin but the lady asks WHYY

  21. Jesus I think I'd literally die if I took that many. Just 1 tab had me wheezing and thinking I was gonna meet god and they were advertised 250 but most likely just 100-isg ug

  22. Literally this. I know so many people advertising 250ug double dipped tabs and im like bruh based on how I feel that shit’s 70-90 and i still feel high as fuck. Give me two (140-180) and I’m fucking floored.

  23. Phenomenal, my expectations were high and they still exceeded them

  24. Somehow they still manage to blow away my expectations which already lie on cloud 9

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