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  1. Hello sir, dont listen to these losers. Nobody gives a single f about your gpa. Write fiction in your resume, good enough to get you interviews.

  2. I work at a BB, to attend the Superday we had to provide full transcripts. Before that I interned at a tech company (FAANG) and they also asked for it. Yes he could lie or omit it, but some firms (specially larger ones) will ask for it.

  3. Damn, hit by a car and caught fire in one foul swoop. Most people don't get to experience either of those in a lifetime.

  4. More like caught fire and hit by a car, but nonetheless a “milestone” most of us won’t get to experience.

  5. What good can an Helmet do when you land on your teeth?

  6. A full face helmet would’ve been the best idea but you can see the front of his head hitting the ground at full speed. At least his head would’ve been spared.

  7. The way he spoke to you is absolutely insane unless the swearing was a mistake. He did say he was going to pick you guys up from the get go, but I can understand why your mom would get frustrated and decide to just take public transportation because of his unacceptable response.

  8. Do you use a money dispensing machine? I was a teller and our money machine would at times fail and make it seem we’re short/over. Once we audited the machine we would balance. Another possible reason why is that a check was read incorrectly by the system or you typed the wrong amount.

  9. With my man I just need to be the little spoon and move my ass a little. All of his interests except for one seem to disappear.

  10. You know finance has accountants right? Almost every company does

  11. The right way to say it is “I work for a tech company” or “I work for a BB” in accounting. I actually work in finance in NYC and pay is better than almost anywhere else. Working hours can be bad, but this is literally the case everywhere.

  12. Isn’t it nearly impossible to become the CFO of a F500 company? I mean there’s one CFO in most companies.

  13. Most F500 companies have many CFOs. Usually each division and even within a division you’d find more than one CFO. Now if you want to be THE CFO, that’s a different story.

  14. She’s a dumb bitch but you’re also being annoying and very obviously continuing to bait her into the argument. Stop texting her.

  15. I’d give OP a break. This would be heartbreaking to any person, let alone a minor like OP is. OP might deep down no given up on his mom yet. He should stop contact with his mom, but it may take him longer to realize it.

  16. The thing is, you can order the same drink at Starbucks at any location across the country and it will taste exactly the same. They never get it wrong. Try that at DD. I have learned to never pull away from the DD drivethu without taking a sip. Did I ask for sugar? Or Hazlenut? Or skim milk? No, so why are those things in there?. And why is this a whole wheat oat looking bagel and not sesame like I ordered? DD does not have the quality control that Starbucks has ....or the training, apparently. I've had some good coffee there...it's just never a sure thing.

  17. Piggy banking on your comment, you can order Starbucks anywhere in the world (or a least the several countries I’ve visited) and it always tastes the same.

  18. Damn, these comments makes me appreciate my 2bed in Astoria for $1900 a lot.

  19. My friend pays a little less than $1500 in Astoria (not rent stabilized). She’s been there for less than a year.

  20. 16 years old, haven’t gotten another one several years later. At times it disappears but then it comes back.

  21. I’ve been skinny all my life and I know for a fact is real. No one ever questioned why I’m eating pizza or a burger. No one gives me unsolicited health advice. People have used me as a comparison of how a body should look like or how someone wants to look like. No one has told me I’m too big for a crop top or my clothes are too tight. I can wear revealing clothing without people thinking I’m trashy.

  22. If you’re actually skinny than you know that you get the opposite tho. Go eat a burger, gain some weight, etc.

  23. I don’t need to prove to you whether I’m skinny or not, but pretending skinny people have it as bad as bigger people is ridiculous. Unless you’re reaching underweight the ratio of “eat a burger” are well diminished by the vast amount of praise.

  24. Don’t quote me on this but I was under the impression both parents are allowed to claim their child on tax returns as long as they provided at least 50% of their necessities: now legally he may not have much to stand on because it doesn’t seem like he’s on child support, but in reality he’d entitled to half if he has been supporting your daughter as much as you say. Both of you could alternate each year.

  25. In the US, that is not how it works. IRS will give the credit based upon what they determine if both claim the child. If there is a legal document regarding custody that includes it, it must be followed.

  26. My friend has to alternate claiming her kid because the father of her daughter supports her 50% or more and therefore he’s also entitled to claim their daughter. That’s why I mentioned they can alternate.

  27. Not me, but my mom got pregnant while on the depo. She took them on time (there’s record of it) and was In perfect weight. She had be using it for 2 years with no issues.

  28. Hope this serves as a valuable lesson for a guy. Don't spend big money on a crush, assuming that big boquet cost him a big chunk of his allowance.

  29. I don’t split bills with my man either. He pays or I pay, but I don’t think that’s what she meant.

  30. Why do these kind of people like to hit themselves or be hit by others prior to a heavy lift?

  31. To get their adrenaline pumping before lifting, the thinking is it’ll help you achieve your maximum potential in the moment because your body will be entering fight or flight mode.

  32. I get they want adrenaline but I’ve only seen these type of athletes smashing their heads in the walls.

  33. If a man can’t cook nourishing meals for himself I don’t want him. I work long hours and have a very demanding career. If I lived with my boyfriend I would likely cook most of the meals because he works even longer hours than I do, but I don’t want a man who depends on me to be fed.

  34. I had the exact same thing happen to me, which is why I use a nickname on my profile now…

  35. Only? That's 8 years for a drunken brawl. Nobody died and sex offenders often get less for something far more damaging. I'd say he got more time than he actually deserved.

  36. From personal experience most of the immigrants that have been anti-immigration came here undocumented. Many of them worked under the table. They are anti-immigration because they have seen their countries being ruined by their own people. Most of them are conservative to begin with so liberal ideology shocks them. Some come from communist countries and they think any form of welfare (as long as it doesn’t help them) is bad.

  37. He stopped engaging in any kind of non-sexual physical intimacy. Wanna cuddle on the couch? Time to get groped. Need a hug after a long day? I must be looking for a good fuck. It was a big turn off.

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