1. You can post with a "serious" tag if aren't up for a laugh. Plus, there is an awful lot of (underappreciated?) freedom people in USa have that make it a fine choice, even with some of the quirks and wrinkles.

  2. Incorrect. Maybe you are thinking of the IV tubing or infusion set. A catheter is... Definitely not something they're going to show in US PG-rated movies.

  3. OP also said "most" but most patients don't get a catheter. By a long shot.

  4. Frederick is a bit long for casual conversation so Fred is just convenient.

  5. Essentially constantly. Humans are basically just big prediction engines. And they are darned good at it.

  6. Thank you for sharing. In therapy we learn not to interpret/assume anyones emotions/actions/motivations and to recognize, that more than often, it's a projection of my own feelings etc. My therapists point of view is exactly that - I don't know why my dad did what he did, and all I can do is speculate. I do know, that what I'm feeling is real, and I need to address that, whether or not it correlates with my dad's point of view. For all I know, he might think, that he did everything by the book. so if he thinks he was a great dad, then me coming and asking him why he wasn't a great dad won't make a lot of sense.

  7. No. Sending paper cards about it seems to be unpopular but expressing gratitude surely still happens. (USA)

  8. None, because they're childish and predictable.

  9. Madeline Albright (may she rest in piece), Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, King Arthur (the Monty Python version), Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, and your mom.

  10. Had one of these in high school. It ensure idiocy, shenanigans, and tomfoolery.

  11. With my luck, I'd offer water but they are anti-matter-based beings and they think I am attacking when their buddy explodes.

  12. Happened 1x and happily married to her so... can't actually remember

  13. The liquid fuel ones are "spewing" gases that occur commonly in nature. So not sure why those two are comparable in your mind.

  14. Pretty much the normal response. I'd be disturbed if they met and held my gaze.

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