1. If punishment fit the crime these assholes should be forced to move people for the next fifteen years under armed guards six days a week during the day.Kind of like chain gangs.

  2. Ah yes DTK needs to join the ranks of Toronto, Vancouver, et m. With hordes of empty condo buildings bought by speculators, condo flippers, people buying an 'investment property'.

  3. Everyone is out to make a living. A society that values money above all else is sure to find itself down Schlitz Creek without a paddle. Those grocer-moguls will be the last to learn that we can't eat gold. I'd rather starve than resort to cannibalism.

  4. Some people shy away from confrontation. Others thrive on it. In my opinion there's nothing wrong with being concerned about a neighbour. Context is important to. How well do you know this neighbour? The ACAB philosophy seems to be trending.

  5. Art does have the power to casually temporarily distort your perception of reality by making the brain think;

  6. Maybe they're just living out their Fast&Furious KW&c Drift fanatsy. Which is harmless enough until it turns into that

  7. You can always buy a megaphone and head to Speakers' Corner (Benton & King St #DTKlove)

  8. You could always go 'window shopping' Uptown Waterloo. Check out what local businesses have to offer. There are a many cafe's and restaurants within a walkable distance from about Central Street to William Street.

  9. While hiking off with my doggo trails in Waterloo Park I've often stumble by couples getting acquainted in the bushes. Although, not sure how tumbling in the dirt is 'romantic'.

  10. Not to detract. But this is the one plaza I stay far away from now. Have been called all kinds of 'colorful' names by randos in that plaza. Rough part of town.

  11. Absolutely - I use an e-bike and always pedal, but I'm always afraid of being a dick or looking like a dick because of others speeding around with batteries... Especially on the e-scooters with those fake pedals.

  12. The trails I walk my dog on have some tighter bends and there's a few mopeds that come tearing through it, it's loud annoying and potentially dangerous, Henry Sturm creek area. I wouldn't mind it if they were slightly more respectful of the people walking

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