[Post Game Thread] #16 Fairleigh Dickinson defeats #1 Purdue, 63-58

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  1. Watch out Rockettes... Russell is coming for your job

  2. And then we practiced high kicks

  3. Ok the worst offensive scheme in the league had no effect on him you're right, having one receiver capable of creating seperation had no effect on him, being injured had no effect on him, having bad protection and one of the worst running games in the league had no effect on him.

  4. Waldron's scheme must've been terrible too

  5. Alright, I know we're supposed to stop making fun of these guys. But that video of homeboy who caught the children jumping out of the apartment fire absolutely flaming Agholor for dropping open TD passes the day before was one of the most savage, hilarious, and intrinsically beautiful Philly things I've ever seen.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZboH1UNhOQ

  7. I love how your hyperlink text could have been any number of players but also it had to be "Fullback Oh No"

  8. The "oh no" makes me laugh every time

  9. Oh I would be furious, especially when we trade him for someone we could have had a year ago in free agency or someone who would match that production

  10. Welcome back Carlos Santana!

  11. Need more Albert Belle's refusing to accept a HBP

  12. maybe with no mariners on the team we're fine?

  13. Deep irony is that Elway wanted to hire Shanny Jr, but was blocked by Joe Ellis.

  14. I don't hate the seahawks, I don't even hate the fans who take every opportunity to remind us about SB 48b or whichever. Trash talking is a fun part of sports.

  15. I love Rashaad Penny and he had an incredible stretch of games but he was not a top player on the offense based purely on his lack of availability.

  16. So what? Rodgers signed a massive contract extension and was about to retire the year after. People don't have to stay for the entire contract, especially when they're pushing 75 years old.

  17. And as you said Pete has shown 0 signs of retiring whereas Rodgers has openly, publicly pondered it.

  18. I don't doubt it. He was huge even in my neck of the woods, across the continent and on the other side of the border, so I can only imagine how big he must've been in his home market. I remember being so excited to pull his rookie card, which I still have.

  19. FDUs defense at the end was incredible

  20. Every nerdy fan wants a Jamaal

  21. Bruiser that can wear down a defense

  22. This subs little circle jerk about him being such an awful person is truly astounding... sure he has some weird takes. He's FAR from what they try to paint him out to be. It's pure ignorance.

  23. What do you think people are painting him as?

  24. Aaron Rodgers trying to go 10 seconds without being the center of attention

  25. "why do you all obsess about me so much?!"

  26. Jeudy started shining once he started consistently getting targeted later in the season

  27. I'm a little more negative than others, he's a good pass protector and pretty good at catching the ball, but as an actual hand the ball off RB, he's the definition of JAG.

  28. Pressure up the middle is all we need. We lacked it bad last year.

  29. When AL Woods is your best interior DL you have a weak interior DL

  30. Al wood is a run stopping NT, and an excellent one at that I wouldn't bad mouth him as he is very good at his jov

  31. Don't get me wrong he's a good player.

  32. I'll be honest no clue who this guy is but I'm excited

  33. Big Boi make opportunities for Chenna

  34. Boye Mafe becomes Cliff Avril 2.0

  35. It's weirder that you think your average person's yearly raise is in any way comparable to a starting nfl qb who has knowledge of the team's salary caps and contracts.

  36. I have a different opinion than the other commentators. He makes the occasional good play but lacks instinct, size, and power. Dude has a knack for stuffing the wrong gap.

  37. There were times during the season where Barton would have a free shot at a run gap and would voluntarily engage a blocker.

  38. You sons of bitches. Who’s gonna let sf running backs do whatever they want for the vet minimum now!?

  39. He's always in the right spot! Just several steps late.

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