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  1. Bro can come on we need a Nolsalgia week with you doing the stuff you did on Moretdm!!

  2. It happens to me to sometimes. The best thing to do is just keep doing that until it stops

  3. Ahhhh!! That sounds awesome! She Ra AND Renaissance fair! Killer combo

  4. I'm gonna go as SEA HAWK!! because he is my fave character lol

  5. It's still not set in stone but hopefully

  6. I feel like belos would win because he has a lot of power. Sure hordak had an army but all he has for a weapon is a cannon gun and belos has the boiling isles and an army along with his spells.

  7. Me at three am regretting the one thing I did when I was like five

  8. booooooonk.... i mean kissssss... glimmer says.

  9. This isn't their art the watermark is in the corner for the real artist.

  10. I feel like Corntney would say cool. LEMME EAT THEM

  11. It's generally agreed that the difference between a religion and a cult is time. Hordak being as old as he is, should qualify as a church.

  12. Yeah ur right he is an old man lol.

  13. I loved this episode!! It was soooo cute!

  14. Holdup lemme quick report your stupid ass have you not read the rules?!?!

  15. I watched dead end for a show to watch while I wait for season three of the owl house and I ended up watching it in one night and I was like I NEED MOREEE😭 cuz I watched all the shows that I wanted to.


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