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  1. people are gonna hate but psychosocial i heard on music station on tv

  2. Where would you put the chapeltown rag?

  3. as i can see that it’s just not really my favorite

  4. lmao in killpop the lyric is “oh i need the pain” but i thought it what i need to pee

  5. My grandpa taught cliff and his brother, was friends with his dad and one of his friends was an extremely close family friend of the Burtons

  6. i’ve always wanted to ask someone who is kinda related to a famous person buuut have you gotten any money from him or was it you just met him once at a family dinner and that was it

  7. i do remember watching this as a kid like it was yesterday but i can’t find anything was he really badly hurt or anyone for that fact or did everyone come back fine

  8. idk the track might be hotweels and the truck spin master because the hot wheels were slightly smaller than the spin master ones other than that idk what would be happening

  9. i live in a smaller city of around 70,000 ish would it still have a lot

  10. honestly i have absolutely no clue the be makes me think it says berlen so i’m guessing that’s why.

  11. an ass blaster can be used as a weapon sex toy or food

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