1. My top mons are: Tinkaton, Greavard, Fuecoco, Fidough, and Clodsire.

  2. Pawmot is slept on by many but it’s a little powerhouse with access to a really great level up move pool Revival blessing, Close combat, dig, double shock etc.

  3. I feel this exact way about a lot of gen 9 pokemon, but if i had to pick one i find kind of cute, i'd say Veluza. It's one of gen 9's many great water types, and it's genuinely an awesome looking pokemon, plus it's also kind of cute in it's own way.

  4. Oh wow I feel the complete opposite about it. I find it unsettling to look at.

  5. Remember: tmade the decision to not have wild shinies make a noise or sparkle. And as for designing some of the new shinies they decided to make some of them not much different if different at all

  6. They also made the decision to have the pets go feature not allow them to kill shinies so there’s a decent chance it was to try and get people to use the feature more

  7. Nobody counts that boring, milquetoast, Blue impostor.

  8. I like how they changed the concept of champion for sv so that it’s a rank.

  9. I havent seen a single pidgey ever. I have mewtwo, latios, melota, 7 shinys, and lunala

  10. They were more common than stds in a frat house back in 2016

  11. I did Iono Brassius Kofu Katy Larry Tulip Ryme Grusha

  12. Fire, dark, fairy, poison, fighting for the star leaders And Rock, steel, ground, flying, dragon for Titan

  13. Transfer to home and wonder trade the ones that are compatible with swsh away. Will be doing the same with sv compatible ones

  14. The Titans storyline got pretty heavy for a Pokémon game wasn’t expecting to go there with the end .

  15. One of arvens cutscenes has one in the middle of the cave

  16. Yeah I seriously thought it was an item and tried to renter the cave but it wouldn’t let me and I was like wtf? How do I get that item

  17. Mine was a poke all in the ground but yeah me too

  18. Get a pawmi. It’s final evo Pawmot has really came in clutch many times through my play through

  19. i am not very far into the game i hope that doesnt bother you :0 here u go tysm!!! u just made my day!!!  SW-8087-3204-7326

  20. Add me if you need even more I’d love to play with you SW-2312-6153-8730

  21. Now making a flood that requires all summons special or normal to first banish 1 monster face down from their hand or field would be a very nasty floodgate that could most definitely enable some very broken mystic mine/burn/mill type shenanigans. Which I would love. I love long winded, absolute degenerate, non-combat oriented decks. They’re fun and watching how pissy people get in response to not playing the 100 combos here’s my crazy field of ridiculous monsters turn 1/2 style and forcing them so slow down and try to figure a way out is FUNNY. 🤣😂 doesn’t work often but god when those kind of strategies do go off they are beautiful.

  22. Honestly one of the reasons Runnick(god I wish Mysterune had ended up being the official name) is one of my favorite new archetype they’ve dropped in years. It’s that kind of nonsense to a tea.

  23. Feels like something that would’ve been a nightmare back in the early days. Now it could be a good way to get things that want to be tributed to the grave but definitely a lot more niche now. Being a continuous spell it’s not super sturdy or fast or anything but yeah nothing insane here definitely fine the way it is. Serves its fuction, doesn’t seem like it would enable anything broken.

  24. Man should’ve just left them alone. Legacy glitch Zorua. Lol

  25. It’s a decent water attacker for like rocket, pvp, and raids and stuff. Not the best but still pretty decent especially if you’re running short on raid time and just need a quick fill team to finish it off and don’t have time to revive/heal your prime water users

  26. I honestly get most of mine without trying now. it's a mix of timing and getting the right Pokemon. some are really, really easy to get excellent throws on

  27. Obviously Kartana is the easiest to get excellent throws on

  28. Zangoose, Furfrou, Snorlax, Kanghaskan are my go to's for excellent throws.

  29. We don’t have them Teen Mom Kangaroos or edgelord mongoose’s round these parts

  30. Whoever that is pulled a reverse Michael Jackson. That white gal looks like a whole ass black girl. There blackface and then there’s whatever the hell this is

  31. Oooh thanks. I hope we don’t need that many in PoGo, I only have 5 and I walk about 2 hours each day…

  32. I’ve only gotten 2 and I went all over the place last Saturday (;_;) They were everywhere when it first dropped but I paid it no mind because I was feeling sick but now I’ve only even seen 3 golden stops since then and only 2 had coins

  33. No. Most of them are just more stuff, but occasionally you’ll get the coin as someone above said. People have varying number of these, and they are related to the new gen coin pokemon. Aside from this, we don’t know much. My theory is when we get a certain number it will increase the likelihood we get the Pokémon or something.

  34. It’s Gimmighoul’s evolution item. It takes 999 coins in Scarlet/Violet. Likely will take a specific number to evolve Gimmighoul in Go when released and Id imagine It’ll be released in some sort of tie in event involving a research task.

  35. Machamp+Obstagoon+(type counter to middle Pokémon) works pretty darn well. Onstagoon is slept on too much, Obstruct is insane.

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