AITA for selling the house my brother and his family live in.

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AITA for not having cake for her birthday?

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  1. 23: few years into college or even out of college. Ready for a nice starter job and searching a house. 13: Excited to go to High school, happy to officially be a teenager, can soon lose the braces!

  2. I got my braces ON when I was 13 and trying to make it through each day in 7th grade

  3. Damn that sucks, i got my braces from like 11 to 12

  4. NTA, it's not crystal. Krystal, kristal or christel are all crystal. Krxstxl just sounds like you have a bad signal when calling. This is why some countries have rules on naming kids. It's not a quirky baby name you give to a baby, it's a name you give a teenager, an adult.

  5. for her situation, this is a good ending and i hope it actually works out and that she has a safe environment.

  6. What? The kid doensn't go to school for 3 days and you receive a fee? Wtf why? I made the school in italy and if you didnt go to school your parents wouldn't be fined lol, if you skipped 10 days you needed a medical certification though..

  7. It's called schoolplicht & leerplicht. Kids are required to learn AND attend school

  8. go homeschool your kids then, don't work yourself up like this

  9. Werk ze, derives from the fact that "werk" simply sounds to demanding or commanding. So it's "werk ze". It basically means like have a (nice) working time"

  10. YTA, they're kids and you give them a bad relationship with food. No food is bad. Birthday Celebrations with cake shouldn't be shamed. There's healthy food, which should be encouraged but without the shame. It's also not "exercising", they're 6-10, it's called playing

  11. But it's "realistic" childhood trauma. I want sims who've been through a hansel and gretel type situation. Sims whose parents were eaten by a giant snake they summoned from hell. Sims who had to fight against a haunted house at age 10.

  12. Yes, or like hunger games typ of things to do with Sims

  13. yes, but like only slightly. Like more subconsciously, not like Puck actively who was actively being a bigot for funs

  14. Yes, it's a Germanic language unlike Spanish or Italian. Most rules are also not really rules. ("The rule is x unless it's not").

  15. Not only did he lose his only friend, but also his only parent geez

  16. I watch a newsshow aimed towards kids. It's a thing in my country, everything is less gruesome. They also have different categories: Wars and violence, corona and climate change, social media and celebrities, animals, tiny problems that kids have like school news.

  17. Her vampire side isn't triggered FULLY yet. However, she still has vampire blood in her system 24/7.

  18. Because the housing is yellow. Just like real life: If the light is white, but the housing is yellow it'll be yellow

  19. Is she not a human who went through puberty, was she not a teenager once

  20. Hope, she is nice, doesn't need sacrefices, isn't in a love triangle dramatically, is rich 😅

  21. Create a Turkish Amazon. I use it for Prime Gaming only, as you won't be able to buy anything from the US store with it.

  22. Great question! EVERYONE WHO COMMENTS SHOULD UPVOTE. I can never understand why these posts always have higher comment numbers than upvotes. Is it pure egocentrism from the commenters? Probably.

  23. People can comment multiple times. But not upvote 2+ times

  24. American reality shows, friends, anything that's like exploiting sad kids (dance moms or whatever)

  25. That's why he's so angry , not 1 but 2 families of him died

  26. Not craziest but Teenage mutant ninja turtles is a parody of daredevil and technically sort of canon in marvel

  27. Yes humans are "beneath" vampires. But animals can rape too. And humans can rape animals, although we also eat and control animals. Still rape. It's bad, but you're right about 1 thing: we hold vampires to human standards which is dumb.

  28. This is not gonna help but i find it really funny that people use vpn to have accounts in Argentina (I'm from argentina). It's like, well at least people know us from smth other than football, sadly it's related to our economy but smth is smth ahahah

  29. If it helps, the only reason i know Argentina is because of the queen (born in Argentina), so there are positives

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