1. Bean looks very elegant, I love her color! She’ll be just fine, I promise. <3 My bun was spayed about a week ago. The recovery is tough because all you want to do is make them feel good. But my bun recovered perfectly after a couple of days, and she’s back to tossing everything in sight. Just make sure Bean is getting plenty of water (syringe it if needed) and food! Critical Care is a huge plus if you have it on hand, because she likely won’t feel like eating for the first day or two. Don’t be alarmed if she doesn’t touch her hay the first day of recovery, mine didn’t either. The most important thing is water, and any other form of food to keep her gut moving, even if a bit slower than normal.

  2. Yay!! My bun’s going in soon (doing bloodwork tomorrow!) so glad to see your bun doing well :D

  3. Your sweet bun will be just fine, too! ❤️ I imagine she’ll get tons of love before and after.

  4. God, yes. When I first got my bun, my assumption was that she had somehow knocked over a large jug of water because I heard a distant sasSSSPPPPLSHHH. Ran over and… no. Just a very hydrated bun emptying her bladder.

  5. Don’t change the diet. Other animals they’ll tell you to fast before surgery, but buns need something in their tummy at all times to keep everything going.

  6. Thank you SO much! ❤️ This is beyond helpful and touched on just about every worry I had! I have just a few questions.

  7. So both things are right. Some women will ovulate very shortly after they finish the pill, which is why missing pills in the first week of your pack is so dangerous. Any extension of the placebos past 7 days risks ovulation. However, it's also not unheard of to have some irregularity in your cycle after stopping birth control, including missing periods. Doctors generally aren't super concerned if you don't get your period in the first three months after stopping. So for pregnancy prevention, assume you're fertile right away. For going to a doctor, check in if you haven't had your period after 5-6 months.

  8. That’s super helpful, thank you! Understanding when to go to the doctor is super, super important as well. I just wish this stuff was taught more extensively early on, as it seems I’m not the only one who had no idea.

  9. In my area, we don't have a dedicated sex ed class, it's just taught as part of physical education for a few weeks in the year. My dream is to have a dedicated class that has time to go over birth control in detail, discuss healthy relationships, and even discuss aging and sexuality (which is not currently addressed where I am, so aging and sexuality is largely untalked about).

  10. I completely agree with all of that. Back in high school, my Sex Ed focused primarily on ‘abstinence’ with a little bit of anatomy. That was it. And I guarantee you none of those kids are willing to listen to simply not engaging in sex to avoid pregnancy, so talking about how all birth control methods work in detail as well as everything else you mentioned was /highly/ needed.

  11. Mine runs away to hide his food after grabbing it…

  12. Prim snatches and runs when I give her nanners. Apparently I’m not trusted company for something so sacred.

  13. Mine likes to be petted while eating. I think yours is the same that's why it gets food then goes to you tmfor pets while chewing

  14. That makes sense! I always thought maybe she needed reassurance that she was doing a very good job chewing. 10/10 chewing.

  15. I always wondered What that means. Sometimes I will be petting my bun and he will just start shaking. I am so glad this isn't something wrong with him lol

  16. I think it has something to do with them really, really enjoying whatever is going on? I’m not entirely sure myself, or why they ever evolved to have such a cute little quirk. But in this case, my bun was super into her salad. Yours must love your pets!

  17. Her eyes! I don’t think I’ve ever seen blue eyes on a cat that were such a beautifully deep ocean blue. She’s a little model!

  18. Yes her eyes are unique. She constantly reminds me that she deserves all of the treats because she is a pretty girl. And of course, she’s not wrong

  19. I haven’t tried it, but I hear there’s a Jedi AR headset that comes with a lightsaber. Or maybe signed Star Wars or Star Trek memorabilia (authenticated).

  20. Great ideas, thank you! I’ll look into the Star Wars/Star Trek memorabilia for sure. I don’t know many of his friends where he is, but I’m sure I can come up with something.

  21. Aww that cute, mischievous face! 😍😄 I agree with the comments here. She’ll probably be fine.

  22. She gives me that cute, mischievous side-eye frequently. I swear she’s constantly plotting my demise.

  23. Change her litter so you can monitor how much she's pooping and if they are the normal size. My bunny chewed a chunk out of a yoga matt once and I was a nervous wreck but she was fine. They have to chew things pretty finely to swallow it, but hay will help move it along. If she's acting normal and pooping in 6 hours, you should be able to relax a bit.

  24. That’s a great idea, thank you! I’ll do that. I plan on staying by her side with plenty of hay and water until I’m positive she’s okay.

  25. I would say Holland lop. Or at least enough Holland lop to where it would count as pure bred (three gens.) She could have a faint fuzzy lop gene in her, which is a somewhat common occurrence in Holland’s.

  26. Oh! Thank you! I had no idea, and holland lop looks right. Why is it called a mini lop, then? Is there a larger lop breed it’s being compared to?

  27. Aww so adorable! My rabbit does the same thing when I give her a treat, she just runs away and finds the perfect spot to eat it lol

  28. Yes! I never would have thought that was a thing until I got my own bun. She repeats the same routine every single time. I give her a bowl/treat, she snatches it with great ferocity, hops to that spot by the wall… contemplates for a bit… and then hops back into her little area.

  29. These were my life hack when the sitter watched them for 5 days, that way they wouldn’t have to wash the greens bowls every day! Keeps the buns busy, they must taste pretty good

  30. I imagine so! They’re her favorite part of the night. She /knows/ when it’s time.

  31. I get things I think someone will use every day? Does he cook? Everyone likes new knives. Wireless car chargers, more USB thumb drives.

  32. Ha. Love all of that. I’ve been talking about teaching him how to bake, but he knows absolutely nothing about it and has no supplies. It would be fun to stock him up.

  33. Lego Star Wars? There some really nice diorama sets you can get to display

  34. Okay shame on people for not commenting on this for the 7 hours it's been up. You sound very nice. Almost reminds me of Melanie Martinez

  35. Do you have DuckDuckGo? This is what works for me- click the link, click the box with the arrow pointing up (on mobile), click DuckDuckGo, and it should open it there. It takes a second to load, and is a little wonky, but you just need to make it full screen.

  36. A compilation of some child gore, basically. The original is said to have CP, but the shorter version seems only to be some kids who have been severely injured in one way or another.

  37. Where are you located? There are a few places online that sell 28DD/DDD: bare necessities, bravissimo, breakout bras, boux Avenue, Levana Bratique, Amazon, Nordstrom. The selection is limited though because big box stores don’t sell this size and full bust brands either don’t go down to a 28 band or start at a 28F.

  38. I found I’ve just been relying on all of the most popular brands, or the ones I’ve used in the past. Upon deeper diving, you’re right. I’ll look in to all of those. <3

  39. Most bra fitting calculators use an inaccurate fitting method, which results in a band 1-2 sizes too big and cups that are too small. 32B holds the same volume as 30C and 28D—so, because you’re spilling out of 32B, we know those sizes will be too small, too. Therefore, 28DD and 28DDD sound like good starting points; I think 28DDD is more likely if you have obvious spilling in 32B.

  40. Thank you, you’re amazing! It was very docile, too. Just crawled onto my finger and chilled for a while. c:

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