1. a longstanding tradition of genocide, murdering, raping, looting, stealing, lying, and then dying on the battlefield with a few shiny trinkets strapped onto their corpse. Pathetic!

  2. I think he has it confused with the prs Gen 3 stock. The Lite doesn't come with different adaptors.

  3. You are right. I went and looked and they are both PRS gen 3. Sorry for any confusion. The gen 3 has adapters and fits flush with the receiver when using a rifle tube

  4. I have two guns with PRS. Both have rifle length buffer tubes. One is a M5 and the other is a M4. The PRS will work with either carbine or rifle length but IMO is best on a rifle length. There are adapters included for both. However, with a rifle tube you get added strength due to the screw that mates the rear of the stock securely to the end of the tube. Have you considered a rifle length tube or are you wanting carbine length for a specific reason? Another added benefit of using a rifle tube is that it will help tame a little more if the recoil on the big M5.

  5. Same. My husband doesn't understand my need for alone time and he's highly co-dependent. He gets mad when I stay up late, but it's a need for me to function. I need time alone.

  6. I am the same way. Certain personality types absolutely need alone time to recharge. Someone who doesn’t need this may have a hard time understanding. Regardless, it’s perfectly normal. Look into the eniagram test. It is a way for you and your spouse to determine your personality types. From there it opens the door for constructive conversation and hopefully some mutual understanding. Best of luck to you!

  7. Do that with a spare piece of wire and then bend it and see what happens. You will get your answer there and learn a valuable lesson

  8. Add a couple drops of oil to the bottom of the BCG that contacts the hammer face and then cycle it a couple times. As well try using your AUTO oil as it is better than ANY gun oil made. I use Shell Rotella T6 for my truck, motorcycle, ATV's, lawnmower, and in a small needle bottle for oiling guns.

  9. One other thing I wanted to mention is you can check that the upper/barrel extension is machined straight using the Midwest industries upper receiver rod- basically the rod has teeth that fit into the barrel lug area and a wing that fits in the slot that would house the charging handle. If it slides in all the way and into the barrel lugs then everything is machined straight. Probably a big purchase if you are just using it to check everything is clocked/machined properly but it is also a great tool to have if you plan on building and working on your own uppers.

  10. Good point! I actually have one of those for AR10 but not AR15

  11. That orc just joined the pink mist society.

  12. LOL, was there a ground wire in the romex? That would really be crazy if it was there and they just didn’t bother to use it

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