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  1. I’d say it’s a pittosporum too. It’s very invasive. They have an extensive root system making them hard to get rid of when they’re much bigger than this. I’d pull them out now. They are in fact native to East Gippsland but unless you live there, they’re a weed.

  2. It is semi autobiographical. Maud’s mother died young and her father was disinterested so she was brought up by her grandparents. Once she was sent to her father’s house and was forgotten on the train platform. Her father had remarried and her step mother treated her like a servant.

  3. That is crazy to me since over here in Australia we had 24/7 footage of nothing but 9/11 footage on every fucking channel for about 2 weeks onwards. And I mean every single chanel.

  4. I was pregnant too. (She’s a couple of months younger). However I don’t think I’ve seen it from that angle.

  5. I could see that, i thought it also might be around 2011 since the population reached 7 billion around that time. Like letts said

  6. But they talked about mass famine which we haven’t reached.

  7. Yeah bud the worlds never had a famine before huh?

  8. Sure but less so in Britain in the 21st Century.

  9. I love it on toast with tea.

  10. There’s a guy whose house is completely surrounded by a university campus. Same deal, refused to move.

  11. I do too. I think for a big city it does a lot of things really well.

  12. Personally I’d never call someone the C word nor would I be happy being called it.

  13. There’s a wonderful day trip in Sydney aboard the

  14. I had the privilege of seeing a cave painting of a Tasmanian tiger. It's was about 250km south east of Darwin! Looked like it was done yesterday. They were once wide spread across the mainland until the arrival of the dingo apparently.

  15. Chicken liver pate. (It’s actually delicious)

  16. Maybe reach out to your local Salvos, St Vinnie's, or even church? They will surely have programs running.

  17. People come back year after year. Volunteers need training and police checks. It’s not fair on anyone just to rock up as a once off.

  18. One of the most greatest needs at Christmas time is that of community. There are many people, probably within a few hundred metres of your house, who will be alone on Christmas. Consider putting on a community lunch, reaching out to those around you, and give the gift of fellowship to those without much in their lives. This is a great way to establish some fresh neighbourhood vibrancy too. Who knows, you might gain some new family in the process!

  19. At first I thought you meant that girl’s hair. 🤪

  20. I'm going to be slightly contrarian and argue that most novel dialogue isn't primarily concerned with being "natural". Of course there are countless exceptions, but for the most part you don't often see writers write out all the hesitations, uhs, ahs, backtracking, and skipping over words that people do in reality. In fact, a lot of real-life conversation is quite boring and often doesn't flow nearly as much as it does in a novel.

  21. This is great advice, thanks.

  22. I used to be that person at the airport waiting for Jesus.

  23. They’re your characters. And presumably you know them pretty well by now so go for it.

  24. Geraldine James is the common denominator.

  25. For most of human history, vehicles left massive piles of shit wherever they went.

  26. It was a major issue. Particularly in big cities.

  27. Cars literally stopped an environmental disaster at the time.

  28. The Usual Suspects The Italian Job

  29. Honestly, I think people are attracted to him BECAUSE he’s not conventionally attractive

  30. He just doesn’t do it for me.

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