1. No, the PTV was originally a Voyager Direct purchase, now a standalone store item, and is also a referral reward.

  2. Fun fact, the freefly event where they offered a PTV as the special event referal reward was also when I hit the threshold to get Surf and Turf... so with one referral I got 2 PTVs

  3. noice, i haven't seen prospect or referral in years /sad

  4. since UBI removed purchased dlc from people on older games don't plan on these to be around too long either ...

  5. "I know it won’t come out until next year"

  6. does the grey market allow for ship upgrades. for example if i wish to trade in my constellation aquila for the merchantman?

  7. only if it were a BMM CCU from ship larger than your Connie

  8. when the turret eventually gets slaved will be a bit easier, a lot depends on how well you can aim/hit small targets. i still love the Omnisky guns bit slower but harder hitting

  9. usually $5-10 off starter pkg during Nov Aniv sale along with some decent warbond specials too if decide to spend bit more, bonus all ships/pkg's sold then will have 10yr insurance and some with LTI

  10. early on some classes def kill faster than others, it does get bit harder once get more levels under your belt (orange/red mobs)

  11. i'll find out once it's released lol, but realistically not w/o crew or couple(+) npc to help and even then think will need avoid real dangerous places. but capital shields should buy some time to escape ... hopefully :)

  12. To be fair, us hybrid bbs have been known to be coming for quite a while now

  13. meant reported in a post earlier that day not actual knowledge

  14. hardly call that the same effect of replying with ^ this

  15. yeah was disappointed she rejected all your flirt attempts as she's not that much older than you

  16. 14 years is a considerable age gap for a teen.

  17. Not really, the game was fine on release unless you played on last gen consoles.

  18. performance was ok, it was just such a buggy unfinished release that should have cooked more

  19. think he's talking more does the steam let you change acct name in launcher easy like standalone does

  20. Jesus, why am I the only one not getting an invite...always provided for Ubi in the past years, I guess they are only sending it to recently created ubisoft accounts?

  21. my acct like 12 yrs and just got invite so there's hope ;p

  22. checked mail and it was there lol, ubi connect says pre-load so curious but accepted terms and downloading

  23. can try the old looks too, two checkbox changes in char select and options graphics

  24. yellow RK rotation is a lot simpler than Warden and first heal of blue gives nice safety net

  25. play whichever race appeals to you, the bonuses are quite small either way

  26. but what about class, so far I have narrowed it down to 3, hunter, minstrel and warden

  27. i enjoy my hunter & rk, hunter will spoil you with easy travel though

  28. steam or lotro launcher? installing to non-system folder?

  29. if NV, nvpanel adjust desktop size & position. get few diff options i use FS myself

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