1. In the Vader marvel run Vader does return and kill more Tuskens it’s clear he piles up skulls too.

  2. Why does he do it? I feel like I know the answer, but I have to ask.

  3. It’s a great read like a side mission he’s got to finish. The new canon comics are good and great Charles Soule is very consistent.

  4. Definitely Cardinal Pell was photoshopped into this picture.

  5. No Pell said he was supportive of Risdale and later regretted it.

  6. No the phot is real Pell publicly supported convicted jailed pedophile Risdale in court walking with him to court.

  7. Huntsman come inside to get out of the rain or hot weather they are welcome in my home and they leave whenever they like. As far as regularity goes I think we see a few Huntsman a year inside our house they sit very still and don’t bother anybody.

  8. I have supervised My 3 learners and of those two on Red P plates now my routine is they got their Ls and I drive them to the edge of town then supervise them driving out to the local country airport they then drive home. Then it’s 10 supervised lessons with an instructor and back to me and away we go. My biggest routine is they aren’t drivers till they complete 50 hours with me and then I’m happy and more relaxed. The shorter drives to the shops and their activities sport, school etc are the most important and heavy city traffic is best learnt early on.

  9. I just gave you two compared articles written by Ned Kelly.

  10. Articles verified by multiple sources you can sit down now.

  11. Anakin Skywalker is the Jedi prophecies chosen one and George Lucas said that even as Darth Vader he is still the chosen one so I think the chosen one identity is more important than Anakin or Vader.

  12. Congrats and thanks for being really brave. My only question is do you think the therapies were enough to make things easier and more successful in your transition for you?

  13. I don't think so. I think what helped was not having to attend regular school and deal with so many nasty people. I never found much benefit from counseling but I understand why I had to do it. Unless you meant medical treatments, in which case absolutely they did help me. Nobody can tell I'm trans anymore

  14. Thanks for your interesting and thoughtful response. Live well. Be safe. Be brave.

  15. My mcu head canon origin because we will never get the Gamma Bomb origin story. Ang Lees film tells five different story’s

  16. Logan’s been taking care of these dangerous scenarios for a really long time but still hasn’t put down other big hitters.

  17. 10 subs 10 Watch hours I post my TikToks on my shorts and it’s easier on editing. I’m trying to do a long video every month.

  18. Ricks group is constantly changing tactics against solo walkers and hordes over lengthy periods of time that the military didn’t have.

  19. Anakin Skywalker is the Jedi prophecies chosen one he’s intuitively logged into the force learning things Obi-Wan has to work hard to learn. Anakin is multi lingual at 10 yrs, a pod racer winning races humans can’t. I think Kenobi is the man of the moment but really wasn’t supported by the Jedi Council to give Anakin extra supervision and extra training to pacify him and to learn what the Jedi Prophecies that centred around Anakin actually meant.

  20. Dark Brandon is the only living possibility to defeat Trump in the 2020 election. any other candidate is fair game to run against Brandon but if Trump runs he will be specifically and effectively targeted by Brandon.

  21. Ring your local police start a police report tell them that this filthy bastard sexually assaulted you a vulnerable person in his care. I hope he gets deregistered looses his empire!

  22. First responders police , firefighters and ambulance and military have a high risk and high case of brain injury and visual trauma and dealing with their trauma gets to be post incidents fall out making them all very vulnerable.

  23. People are responsible for their actions according to the law of the land and the constitution. Trumps biggest asset is he is a former President and they generally get well looked after with Presidential health care and amazing offers in business. Trumps worst asset is his capacity to recognise digital trends and maximise the abusive possibilities.

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