Custom air cooled Alex drawer

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  1. Sort of. They're also running the wildy boss item beta currently, which you'd use those worlds. You have access to basically any item you could want and 99s in every skill

  2. Only cm solo wr attempts and pvp. I wouldn't recommend buying it since it will likely drop down in price even more when ppl who currently have harm can afford shadow and sell harm for it

  3. Sad to hear. Harm was always such a cool staff imo

  4. Idk about some of the others but I disagree at least on pheonix. That was added to give firelighters a secondary purpose.

  5. What if instead we then changed it from 250 firelighters to 2500, and you permanently unlock that color? That way they still keep their secondary purpose, and possibly even are more used, as I'd argue it's rare for someone to change their phoenix every color 10+ times

  6. Bruh insane work, I have this exact case, what cabinet is this, I need to be the sheep. Thanks in advanced homie

  7. Where do you get those standoffs for under the table top? I’ve been wanting some but don’t exactly know what to search.

  8. I hate to be that guy but, check building codes running power cords through a wall is a no, no. Article 400.8 in the NEC (National Electrical Code). looks nice though.

  9. Looks to be Cherry Milkshake weirdo kit + fruit kit. Unfortunately the GB has already been completed -

  10. Generally I pick up storm if the enemy is high mobility and I'm looking to kite and/or slow them so they can't run, (let's say ezreal, qiyana, lee sin)

  11. No shieldbow even vs stuff like Talon?

  12. I used to for things like zed/talon, but I just find that they build serpents 2nd item and I get one shot regardless of the shield. After the nerf, you also just don't get as much life steal to help survive poke. I'd prefer to either go Death's dance, Blood Thirster, or GA if I'm getting 1 shot as kraken gives you so extra damage that, for me, out-weighs the potential benefit of shieldbow

  13. OP, what's in the box OP, what's in the box? Pics of inside are needed to verify. Even NVIDIA has a hard time getting their hands on one at retail :-)

  14. I can indeed confirm that there is a 3090 in the box!

  15. Similar to "the block" in the sense that I'm creating "worlds" for players to enjoy. This could be artistic or include custom game modes. I've created chutes and ladders, search and destroy, full blown adventure maps with puzzles, horror games, parkour maps...

  16. I would really love to know how you could beat the last level. I'm losing touch with reality and I feel like I will still be playing this in my afterlife if I don't beat it now.

  17. I just posted a full walkthrough on my YouTube which might help (timestamps in the description for each level)

  18. Deathruns just got a whole lot better! Try out this new spin on one featuring all the new Season 2 movement mechanics!

  19. She's a 14 week old British Shorthair named Gwen. Got her last Thursday and she's been nothing but a bundle of love and joy!

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