1. Sydney city - msg me for details. I paid half price of what was quoted by other dental place.

  2. Any of the big hotels will have breakfast. Have a call round - a lot will be accessible too.

  3. Linguistic filler. I'm like not saying "um", "and um", "I mean", "right?", "basically" or "you know" etc now. I'm like, saying, "I'm like".

  4. My favourite part of the movie is Charters and Caldicott.

  5. I've not been able to get much passed the "documents". Most of my family (such that it is/was) was long gone before I came along.

  6. See if you can locate a copy of the will for the grandfather's aunt. It may explain some things. Maybe at that point she owned the largest share in the 3 houses and they had to be sold because she willed her share to a single person or a church or...

  7. All good suggestions. Her estate (no will) was about 20 quid (maybe $100 nowadays) - she was an "old age pensioner", which is code for "bog poor". I suspect all the houses were rented, but actually, I might try and track them down to make sure. Thanks!

  8. I recently started putting their birth years after their names to distinguish them in my notes.

  9. Agreed. I was going to suggest adding their birth years as a middle name.

  10. Ferry somewhere on the harbour. Even if it's from the Quay to Manly and just stay on the ferry.

  11. One of our colleague's wife made this (by the bucketful) for our work Christmas. She called it "white trash". She had to get the Chex sent to Australia from back home. It was worth it.

  12. Yeah, I'm usually the only woman there as in I work in a really male dominated field and had to study for 4 years in a class that had only men and it kinda pisses me off when people have to point out "okay guys..oh and a girl. Just say guys, I know it's just a neuter term for a group of people. No need to point out my sex that hey there's a girl in here see.

  13. I worked with 100 guys and they always called me "girl". So, I started calling them "boys" and they just about lost their minds. Who knew?

  14. "Its like riding on a hope and a prayer... You better start praying."

  15. These are some choice sayings! I especially love something running as smooth as a dryer full of bricks!

  16. "I bet it handles like a knackered Porsche in the rain"

  17. For the record, MGs have always been my dream car. Even if it handles like a knackered Porsche in the rain.

  18. My mum loves trifle. She used sponge cake and not lady fingers. If there wasn't time to make a sponge cake, she'd use

  19. Sandwich of Arrowroot biscuits with butter and vegemite or cheese and vegemite.

  20. We're a SAO & veggie family. Arrowroots' be too sweet...or is that the point? Hmmm.

  21. Yes, balanced the salt with sweet. But your recipe was also a staple as well.

  22. I'm going to try them. Sounds...intriguing!

  23. "Spinning is so much cooler than not spinning."

  24. Absolutely nailed Sam. Brilliant work.

  25. the only reason i dont give blood is bc i know some greedy company is exploiting the fact they got it for free

  26. Have made 115 donations to the Lifeblood (Australian Red Cross). Recipients don't pay here. I get a milkshake and cheese & crackers for donating.

  27. if thats how it was in the us i would for sure donate haha im getting a lot downvotes bc i dont wanna engage in a system of exploitation?? idk seems sus but thats awesome nice work!!

  28. I guess even if someone does make a profit, someone else is receiving a potentially life saving gift.

  29. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  30. I would make sure that both Dropbox and iCloud are disabled (turned off) while working on the project.

  31. "My spirituality and religion is a deeply personal thing and I'm really not comfortable talking about it. But can I interest you in our patented inflatable dildo while you're here?"

  32. Your credit card might be a bit high though after.

  33. And you'll have to buy a new microwave.

  34. Not this... (body weight is irrelevant, this ain't a truck 😁)

  35. I've always loved Jean Arthur. In the sixties I used to watch all the TV shows that starred the Hollywood actors. Good times!

  36. Im 19, I have never heard that phrase you just used

  37. What do they teach in schools these days? /s

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