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  1. Who runs from an accident with barely any damage what an imbecile

  2. Drunk, warrant, illegally in country, gun in car, drugs in car, no license, no insurance, probation, parole, many reasons to not want to interact with cops.

  3. This is why I think all states should require front license plates. I happen to currently live in a state that only requires rear plates. If this had happened to me I’d be out of luck.

  4. All too often it only leads you to an owner with no insurance anyway.

  5. If what the YouTube commenters say were true, wouldn't that mean they would hit the cammer and not the truck? I mean, regardless of what is going on around you, how dumb do you have to be to see a truck in front of you and in trying to get around it, you drive right into the fucking thing? Did they sell their brakes to buy the drugs they were on when they pulled that stunt?

  6. I'd be the smart-ass standing at the top of the hill waving goodbye.

  7. If it's anything like our old Zenith, you have to smack it on the back.

  8. I'm so glad she settled that for us. We can now disband the January 6th commission because Redneck Barbie has solved the case. Speaking of responsibility for January 6th, let's see her phone.

  9. Umm.. does Trump know about this? I don't think he's going to like seeing all that trash outside his "beautiful home".

  10. Isn't he still in New Jersey until after Labor Day?

  11. How is this protection for Trump? He's not even there. What are they going to protect him with, their giant flags?

  12. Rest assured this has to do with squeezing more of the simps money.

  13. Great, now the police are doing mass shootings.

  14. Apparently not unless someone dies from this.

  15. And the vast majority of it comes through POEs, not by climbing a fence or illegally walking across the border.

  16. Is the painting is entitled "Forbidden Lovers?"

  17. Publix has the best bakery cakes. And you already covered Ingles' potato salad.

  18. Getting Twitter banned is a GOP scout badge now.

  19. It's a money tree to them. Get banned on social media, whine to your supporters that you are being discriminated against because of your beliefs, and watch the cash roll in.

  20. She must be looking to fund raise on made up persecution again.

  21. Spolier: they were texting each other.

  22. I'm pretty sure this is not how Colorado lien laws work.

  23. Interesting. There’s a lot of stories from NBA players like LeBron James and Bill Russell where they say MA was the most racist place they’ve ever been.

  24. Boston had one of the worst school busing battles that I can recall.

  25. Wow! I lived in Charlotte NC in the late 1960s. I hung mostly with people in a lower economic status. We’d joke around constantly, and I never heard anyone talk like that.

  26. On my way back from Charlotte one night around 1974-75, driving through Gaffney, we stumbled upon a klan rally in the middle of town, complete with a cross burning.

  27. Don't police come to the listed owner of the connection if they are investigating illegal stuff that got downloaded?

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