time for the semiannual blaster redraw \o/

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  1. Shade but he’s kinda boring imo.

  2. I’m more excited to see this than I was to see Conor vs Khabib.

  3. I don’t think any fight will be as crazy as that when you take into consideration all the crazy shit that happened before and after

  4. True. I guess it’s partially because I wasn’t as into UFC as I am now.

  5. Kanna is such a cool class and in my opinion kishin isn’t even really needed in most SF maps.

  6. That’s epic! I’d love to see your rendition of thunder breaker next

  7. They’re found all over California too. Don’t think those are very rare nowadays considering how good they are.

  8. How fucking lonely are you guys lmao

  9. Depends on the field you’re in. For me, I simply just called all relevant businesses that my background fits and asked if they were hiring.

  10. Sean inadvertently is becoming a like-able guy lol

  11. Who do Native Hawaiians ask when they are thinking of visiting Los Angeles or Las Vegas or really any mainland city to make sure it's aligned with their wishes and to not do harm? Is there a directory or 411?

  12. This exactly. Idk why people feel like they need to operate at a different level of respect or virtue when traveling to the islands. Simply don’t be a dick lol.

  13. Dude NSFW! She isn’t wearing any clothes!

  14. There’s something specifically about Yor that just makes me weak in the knees.

  15. 26 here. Started playing just before the BigBang patch.

  16. Aren’t forbidden snacks supposed to not be food and not specifically made to look like food

  17. Instead of more tourist accommodations, KS needs to build affordable housing for Native Hawaiians. That would actually be “culturally sensitive”.

  18. You mean a 1 bedroom apartment for $2600/month isn’t affordable? Who woulda thought!

  19. Well MMA is banned in France again so what else is he gonna do

  20. Everyone makes fun of everyone. But the PM and GC especially get the most flack.

  21. "fuckin 'ell I thought they only let decent trades onto this job"

  22. Free primo gems is free primo gems 😤

  23. It’s so weird how obsessed people are with his weight? Maybe everyone should post selfies of themselves on here and we can all go through and comment on their physique

  24. My physique is top shape. I am literally the second coming or Michael Chandler.

  25. It’s sad to be F2P and get captivated by every 5* banner. I just can’t save primo gems to save my life.

  26. If you’re actually captivated by every banner, you may need to consider your choices a bit more, tbh. You don’t need every character, and there are probably some characters you like more than others that you would skip other characters banners to save for

  27. I’m still a bit new. Does pity rollover into the next banner?

  28. I never root for Brazilians but man Charlie Olives got a fan in me. If he gets this win I believe he will be cemented as one if not the LW GOAT

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