1. So what happens when she comes home? Do they play solo even when they’re both in the same house again?

  2. Id be happy to have a threesome with them!! Ill probably see him less than I am now when she comes back.

  3. Will you update what happens next when it does?! I’m intrigued now lol

  4. Lots of people enjoy playing the submissive role. They are turned on by essentially being a sex slave. It’s actually an extremely common kink to have. But if it’s not your thing then just tell them that. No need to shame them.

  5. I’m sorry if this comes off as rude but the ending to your rant is really shallow. I agreed with 90% of what you were saying….. until the end. Do you enjoy sex? Or are you just joining people for the potential benefits you might enjoy while being their guest? Even if they do own a house with a pool they might want to meet at a hotel because not everyone wants a stranger in their home. I’m sorry this just kind of left a bad taste for me. What happened to women genuinely enjoying sex and sleeping with people because they have a real physical or personal connection to them?!

  6. That's my birthday! Hmmm.... maybe the gf and I should go

  7. I don’t agree with cheating or cheaters but I also don’t pry too deep into the real lives of the individuals we invite into our bedroom. For me every encounter is a one time thing so all I care about is sexual attraction, cleanliness and respected boundaries. Your politics, your hobbies, your job and things like that are irrelevant.

  8. Most likely a guy pretending to be a couple etc!! It’s a minefield on most sites but keep going there are some genuine couples out there

  9. Oh no it’s never a couple, or anyone pretending to be a couple. It’s always a single male account…. My boyfriend and I have a variety of fantasies we like to try and fill so I’ll post whatever flavor we’re craving that night or weekend. One account was one I’d spoken to before and was planning on him meeting us. He even said “see you soon” an hour before the meet time and then totally ghosted and blocked me! The other two were in response to a post looking for bi males…

  10. That's crazy! Considering how hard it is for single males to hookup with couples. What a lost opportunity for those two dumbasses!! Sorry for you're difficulties

  11. I know men really get the short end of the stick in the LS so I’m just trying to figure out if I’m being reckless and ignorant to something…. I kinda got freaked out when I realized that these men had the hotel I was staying at, the room number, my phone number and my name….

  12. Unfortunately the real women on here get drive off by the guys constantly posting dick pics and the show me your pussy!!

  13. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree…. I am female, I am real, I fuck for fun! You can’t pay to play with me! If a guy messages me, the first thing I ask for is a Dick pic. I wish every guy included one immediately. It would save me so much time! I’m not here to date. I’m not here to make friends with another couple so we can go camping and to trivia nights. I’m here to find the best person/ people available to satisfy whatever sexual fetish I’m craving this week. I won’t meet up with anyone until I’m sure I want to fuck them. I can’t be sure until I see nudes. I understand I’m not like the other girls. But I am who I am.

  14. I think when you told them to get their own room that was signal enough it’s not sexual. You don’t owe them anything. It was an invite. They chose to book accommodations. People can read body language quite well when they want to. Just don’t give them any “fuck me eyes” and y’all should be fine ;)

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