1. I think my 4 most hated moves are in Falco's kit: laser, shine, dair, and uptilt.

  2. if your still looking im gold 3 rn a katarina/taliyah main.

  3. Me and the rest of the team will probably look at the responses over the next bit of time, but we haven't settled on anything for certain just yet. If you let me know your ign (you can message/chat if you're not comfortable putting it in the comments) then we'll take a look and get back to you.

  4. Hey, thanks for the response! We haven't come to a decision yet. Feel free to let me know your ign (comment, message, chat, whatever you're comfortable with) and I'll pass it along to my team. We've had a few responses already, so it will depend on what we decide as a team. :)

  5. One time I dreamed that the restaurant I worked at filled up so fast that we couldn't even get the menus out in time. Two days later it happened. I had a dream about a year ago that Elden Ring had released. It ended up coming out in February.

  6. Sorry, my first language is English, so I don’t really know why I think it’s pafanada

  7. Dang. Well, there goes my hypothesis ;P

  8. How does everyone hear bapanada? I always hear pafanada

  9. Well, now I'm trying to think of the reasons why we hear things differently, and it has me wondering: what is your first language (is it something other than English)?

  10. If your issue is with how the group is playing, and if it doesn't align with the kind of game you'd like to play, I don't think there's anything wrong with extracting yourself from the situation and letting them know that it's just not the experience you were looking for.

  11. Thing is I really like my char and want to keep it. I think the other characters are too harsh with her.

  12. In that case, best bet is probably trying to discuss politely how you feel about it. If that group is ready or willing to respect it, then great! If not, it might be worth saving that character for a group where you can have a better time playing as her.

  13. Edit 2: I see I've been downvoted, which is kind of whatever, but as someone who appreciates interaction, if you're inclined to hit me with that, I'd love to hear why. I invite discussion; in fact I prefer it to just scrolling by after clicking that arrow button ;)

  14. This is reddit, expect to be visited by the downvote fairies. Have a +1

  15. Lol, I don't like those fairies ;P

  16. My opinion on any game with any group, is that it's important to discuss what kind of game the group will be playing.

  17. Ah yes, I've found them. My people :)

  18. There have been some neat recommendations here so far. I'd just like to add: Be patient. Your players can grow into it.

  19. I think the fact that you're concerned with the effects of you potentially leaving show that you care, and that's good to see. If you're not certain about staying, you could always give it another chance. I recommend being upfront and saying how you feel—that you're not really feeling any enthusiasm for it, and it might be something you don't feel like doing going forward. As long as that doesn't come out like an accusation (ex: "and it's your fault") or a threat (ex: "if you don't play how I like, then I'm leaving"), I think that should be okay.

  20. Falcon would be kind of a nightmare with stuff like nair stomp, up air stomp, and dthrow stomp

  21. Don't forget about edge-cancelled stomp edgeguards into fastfall grab ledge.

  22. First get outraged. Then post on social media about said outrage. Declare unfairness. Bemoan the video game industry in its entirety.

  23. "Gymnastics are a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural."

  24. Of all of the games of League of Legends, that was certainly one of them.

  25. The Summit copium angle: I'm not at all saying this is what happened, but it coooould have been a call by TL to push in both sides. I think every time the IMT jg showed top, TL was able to get something more for it. Safe to do work botside, for instance. Or the herald take because Summit got both top and jg low on that one gank.

  26. i have to agree with reddit this time....

  27. That first game between 100T and C9 would like a word.

  28. I once played a bard who used his mother's old castanets. I didn't realize it was that notable until me and some of the other players were talking about that campaign and we all had a good laugh about his instrument of choice.

  29. I wouldn't draw a hard line on it. How people play the game (and even what kind of game they are playing) tends to vary from group to group (and even person to person).

  30. I like this. While I personally think long backstories can be great, I really strongly believe that setting/establishing expectations for what kind of game will be played is one of the most important things for getting a consistent experience that everyone can enjoy.

  31. Man off the top of my head an 18 bladesinger / 2 abjuration wizard would be pretty stupid.

  32. Thanks for the feedback! Do you have any fonts that would be better than the thin font?

  33. Personally, I think it would be unethical to lie to get the job, since it would be an agreement based on a false understanding (I'm not using that as a technical term or anything).

  34. What role would you like to play? Also, if you can shoot me a message here on reddit letting me know your ign that'd be great.

  35. I can also play the disengage style. Aphelios is my #2 right now and I'm really comfortable on jinx and xayah

  36. that breaks yuumi and taric who give perma stats

  37. Shouldn't it be easy enough to add something conditional (just some sort of identifier) that gives assists? Just add it to Braum W and similar abilities, and then don't add it to Rell E and whatnot.

  38. Ideally, yes, there should be a way to flag something like that. But the disparity between similar abilities that give assists vs those that don’t indicates in my mind that there is no such method currently implemented. Hard to say without actually seeing the code and understanding the depths of the spaghetti. I wouldn’t even be surprised to hear that it would take a ton of work or be impractical to make a standard for doing so across abilities that need it.

  39. Reading that Alistar buff makes me think he is gonna come out as toplane or worse.

  40. As an Alistar main, my biggest fear here is if they backpedal and make him worse in the long run. I don't think I actually need to worry about it though.

  41. I have a noob question if you don't mind, when you do the Alistar W-Q combo, do you still get off the damage of W?

  42. I'mma say yes. When you do the W-Q combo, your W hits before your Q (you can tell because they always move a little bit before the knock-up). Or at least that's what I think happens, I'm not quite 100% certain lol.

  43. If you want to be more reliably safe, and you're confident that you outscale, then your best bet is to play from afar, let them push (Tristana can't really freeze the wave), and farm by your tower. Give up minions if you have to, and maybe even turret plates if you think jg is coming to dive you. It's just a matter of how much you can afford to give up passively without the gap getting too big, and knowing when you can or can't afford to take a risk (for instance, are your summs up?). In pro play, I've seen players fall 20cs behind early and maybe give up a few plates, but then they manage to keep the gap even while not playing desperately and accidentally giving over a kill or something, because they're patient enough to just play safe for 20 minutes.

  44. I'm just a mere casual, so I'm sure there's a lot of nuance I'm missing, but I would really like to see TL opt into at least one scaling lane in their drafts, and be more deliberate about putting resources into one winning/volatile lane.

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