1. Didn’t think Pennridge had D1 players like that. They haven’t beat North Penn in like a decade.

  2. Personally I’d wait to around August to do a ranking. You get the picture of who’s leaving for MLB Draft or going to/staying in college and who is transferring where.

  3. Believe he’s visited Tennessee, Mississippi State, and LSU. Is planning to visit Arkansas when Team USA Camp wraps up in 2 weeks.

  4. I assume Tennessee is out. Does State need a C next year?

  5. I don’t expect him to catch if he came here. He’d probably be Friday night starter and DH.

  6. The Houston Rockets did this, but it had bacon instead of onions.

  7. I’m currently working on tracking the entire SEC and I’ll post it in this sub when I complete it.

  8. Would love to see it from a league wide perspective. An already brutal league got tougher this far into the offseason


  10. I mean if he’s better than Larry in spring then he’d probably start but I think the expectation is that he’s a depth piece.

  11. The Browns will give him $230 million

  12. I wouldn’t mind moving Kellum to DH if we don’t get Skeenes. But yeah I haven’t heard anything about Groff in a while.

  13. I don’t see Kellum moving to DH in his draft year.

  14. I suspect that we are out on Ethan Groff now that we’ve added Ledbetter and Knight, who both have more power than Groff so this isn’t a bad thing.

  15. Fristoe wasn’t that bad with the walks this year. His problem was that he allowed a .297 opponent batting average.

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