1. Dude literally won a State championship earlier today then commits. What a day.

  2. Y’all really wondering why Kiffin retweeted it and Dart and Judkins are commenting on his insta post. They’re obviously friends

  3. Lane retweets a lot of things. It’s likely just a troll like that time he tweeted about that 5-star linebacker decommitting from Texas A&M.

  4. That means nothing when Georgia drops a fat bag for him.

  5. This guy is gonna get a lot of offers.

  6. Conference realignment can be a horny subject for some.

  7. How many more of our senior defensive players have an extra covid year to use?

  8. If we can bring in Isaac Smith and a portal safety or two, and Dcam takes another step while DeCarlos Nicholson or Marcus Banks step into that two spot, that’ll sure up the secondary a bit. Emmanuel Forbes and Tyrus Wheat are just not replaceable. They’re special. Maybe Trevion Williams becomes a stud next year and one of Ty Cooper/John Lewis step up for the linebacker corps.

  9. Hard seeing Trevion getting much action with Crumedy/Charlton back. Lewis is gonna have to step up in Wheat’s spot if we don’t get a portal guy there.

  10. I cant say this was definitely the case here with the coaching change, but Stanford’s graduate admissions office always seems to fuck them over.

  11. Top ranked recruit from each of Norvell's 3 classes according to 247sports: 2020 Demorie Tate - ghost. 2021 Hunter Washington - transferred. 2022 Sam McCall - transferred. This spot is cursed, please break the trend Hykeem.

  12. Damn I did not realize Washington was the top recruit for you guys that year. He didn’t even see the field for us outside of special teams.

  13. I want Brian Johnson to come back and work with QBs until Whit retires then takeover.

  14. As an Eagles fan, my answer is no.

  15. Just bet baylors +18.5. They cant lose by 20 right??

  16. So if Marquette is crushing Baylor and we beat Marquette what does that make us?

  17. Emmanuel Forbes snubbed big time. What a damn joke.

  18. Can someone explain to me the connection/irony of Cohen hiring freeze?

  19. Cohen was the Mississippi State AD while Mississippi State was digging dirt on Freeze for him to be fired at Ole Miss.

  20. Cohen was the Mississippi State AD while Mississippi State was digging dirt on Freeze for him to be fired at Ole Miss.

  21. There’s a few IU/Purdue flairs in here. They are confused

  22. They just couldn’t find the IUPUI flair

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