1. maybe more silos? your farm is turning out beautiful, good job!

  2. Do you really think 5 weeks is enough to be a long term? Bestie, you better get out of this mess while you still have time 🚩🚩🚩

  3. smapi has not yet been updated for android, so no mods will be able to load.

  4. Why is everyone asking me about this? Do you all think that I'm stupid enough to let this happen if I had the means to do something about it?

  5. Careful, I was trying to help, there are two options. One: he really died RIP, life goes on Two: he lied, realized you're the type of person who wants to help, and told a sad story for memes or to gain attention, people like that exist. And when he got what he wanted, or found someone different that he could gain sympathy for, ghost you.

  6. I'd be impressed if someone can keep up the same sad story that long

  7. trust me they would. I saw in the comments that you said he never gave you any private information about where he lives. If he really was scared for his life, he would give you more information about where he lives or how to find him if he went missing, or any friends you could contact.

  8. he is not an abomination!! it's just a scared crab because a crazy farmer threw a bomb on it and destroyed the rock the poor thing lived on 🤧🤧

  9. Forgot to mention that they are from the treasure chests, though I don't think I'm supposed to have them in my inventory

  10. it's a treasure chest bug, on mobile when you press X the items are automatically saved in the inventory, this also happens with books, but it's still saved in the library, so you just got a decoration piece.

  11. I always play when I leave the house. I feel it brings good luck.

  12. Is this normal? how to open the lost book on inventory?

  13. it's normal. it still saves in the library so there's no problem. I use it for decoration.

  14. it's a bug, but one thing that fixed the problem on mine was watching them come in. literally. around 6 when they start to go into the barn I just stood there staring at them and that solved the problem.

  15. I really like Earthy Recolour, it helped me when I was having headaches from playing sv for too long.

  16. He's shy. and you staring at the poor guy's soul doesn't help. But really, the chances of you seeing them swimming are rare, it happens, but it's not guaranteed.

  17. depends, if you don't have to worry about money anymore, I'd sell the low quality ones and the silver ones and use the gold ones to make cheese that ages faster in the cellar

  18. make the cake, post a photo on your Instagram and make a story eating it, just to show dominance

  19. I know this one! Is Mrs. Potato Head by Melanie Martinez

  20. i don't know how in ios, i have an android but i think its the same. if you manage to install smapi just download the compatible mods

  21. poor thing, come here, let me tell you a secret, just because people get old doesn't mean they stop being assholes

  22. I hope this is the effect of the morphine. Wdym your lowest? When you got mad at her? Because she was kind enough to call your parents and ask if they wanted anything because you weren't coming over to Christmas

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